Hacking Yoga: @gangplank Presentation Sept 16th 2009

So the first Hacking Yoga Presentation went down @gangplank on Setp 16th 2009 and if you weren’t there then you missed out on the group transmutation into trancendent beings, bummer. =)

I had a total blast talking to the group about two passions of mine: Hacking and Yoga. While I am pretty much a n00b at both I still have fun thinking and talking about them and thought that the presentation was a good intro to how the two work together. The questions afterward were the best part and I want to thank everyone for asking them. Please feel free to reach out to me here if you have more of them.

3 weeks till Ignite Phoenix!

Have you submitted your presentation yet? This is the last week to get your name in the hat. If you have something to say in PHX this is your chance.

I just sat through a conference where the format is similar to how the Ignite presentations will be done. I can tell you now that a good Ignite presentation will not be a business presentation. It needs to be more fun than that. Open yourself up let us know what your questions are, where do you need help. What works and what doesnt. Either way get your submission in. If we dont choose you now there will be another in a few months, I can feel the momentum carrying over for sure!