Deadboy | XLR8R – Garage is different from Dubstep cause its Houseier(sic)?

XLR8R has been letting me down lately, its just been a bit too disco/housey for me. This xlr8r podcast mix from garage producer Deadboy is definitely housey, but not too much and just enough to be a nice change from my typical dnb or dubstep lineup. Enjoy.

  • 01 Wookie “Down On Me” Manchu
  • 02 Donga & Blake “Detroitus” Well Rounded
  • 03 Groove Chronicles “Shattered” Groove Chronicles
  • 04 C.R.S.T “Need You” Well Rounded
  • 05 Velour “She Wore Velour”
  • 06 Hackman “Blacksnake” Well Rounded
  • 07 Soule:Power “Lost Bakongo Remix” DVA
  • 08 Skinnz “I Know” Well Rounded
  • 09 Andy Bell “Call On Me Deadboy Remix” Mute
  • 10 xxxy “I Can’t Stop”
  • 11 Destiny’s Child “Bills Bills Bills Harmonimix” white
  • 12 Todd Edwards “I Might Be Joy Orbison Remix” Scion A/V
  • 13 Basic Channel “Phylypstrak II” Basic Channel
  • 14 Gongon “I Could Be There” Well Rounded
  • 15 D-Malice “Full Effect” white
  • 16 Deadboy “Here 4 U” Numbers
  • 17 Andrea “You Still Got Me” Daphne
  • 18 M&M “I Feel This Way Remix” Suburban Base

via Deadboy | XLR8R.

John B Podcast 075: Studio Mix March 2010

John B Podcast 075: Studio Mix March 2010 | The John B Podcast.

My first introduction to John B can be blamed on my nemisis Melissa S who had his Visions album/compilation way back in 1998. That album is rediculous and if you can find it I suggest you buy it. If you have it please send me a copy.

John B doing his Boy George impression

Since then he has gone considerably left and slightly diagonal with the whole electrostep fusion of 80’s synths and the dnb breakbeat. His podcast involves a bit of talking but seems to be a bit kinder to the listener.