Video Kate and Roger’s Wedding in Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

What is the saying about Fools Rush In? We decided hell yeah why not you only get one shot and second guessing just tells you more about something not being right. So based on faulty logic and raging hormones Kate Grass and Roger Williams decided to tie the knot and get married on March 11th, 2011. This video is a compilation of the photos taken by our minister or whatever you call her set to Heart Skipped a Beat by the Xx.


Screencast of the new WordPress 2.5

This site is run by an open source software package called WordPress. Its really easy to use and has some great features for getting all this really important writing out to the masses. ;)

Anyway they are coming out with a new version really soon and have posted a screencast covering some of the new features.WordPress › Blog » Screencast and WordPress 2.5 RC2

The coolest one is the Gallery feature. Now instead of posting my photos to flickr and then linking to them from a post here I will be able to upload them straight into my post. This means that wordpress is handling the FTP’ing of my image files up to my host and then creating the links to them. While the current version of WordPress lets you do this the new version makes it easier with a snazzy interface that makes it feel like a desktop application. Its pretty snazzy and takes a lot of steps out of the process.

If you need help setting up a wordpress site let me know. Its dead easy.