Updating iPhone 3G to iOS4 – Down but not out mother truckers!

sleazy sales results in retarded support
sleazy sales results in retarded support

Earlier I wrote about my distressing problem of my iPhone 3G dying while trying to update it to the new operating system iOS4. I had taken the all but bricked phone into Apple’s Genius Bar for a look and was told that my only option was to replace it. As luck would have it they have a new iPhone coming up for sale this Thursday. This left me not only sad that my treasured iPhone was died, but also because I felt that I was being manipulated, which I only enjoy when I am the manipulator.

So I posted a little description here and the Internets talked back and this time with useful information sans pornographic images or penis enhancing pills. The oddly named Sringspam suggested that I try DFU mode and see if that helped. I googled DFU iPhone and found this helpful article on Device Firmware Update (DFU) and now I have installed iOS4 and have a working iPhone 3G.

Step One
Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to your Mac.

Step Two
Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.

Step Three
After exactly 10 seconds release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until you iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

The iPhone screen will remain black while it restores.

NOTE***: It may take a few attempts to get your iPhone into DFU mode. Generally, I hold down both buttons then release the Home button just before I think the Apple logo would appear. If you are still holding both buttons down and you see the Apple logo you are holding them down for too long!

I am still pretty annoyed that the Apple Genius I talked with did not suggest this at all and instead only pointed me towards getting a new phone. Reminds me of working at Godaddy having to sell 3 Traffic Blazers and 2 Stealth Rays everyday to hit quota. I had thought higher of Apple but it turns out they have shitty support training just like everywhere else.

Is iOS4 zapping older iPhones to sell more iPhone 4’s?

iOS4 kills iPhone 3G
iOS4 kills iPhone 3G

I woke up this morning with minimal goals and expectations for the day. Besides getting some work done I was also looking forward to updating the operating software of my iPhone 3G to the latest version known as iOS4. After updating iTunes to version 9.2 I checked to see if there was a new version of the iPhone software available, which there was, and I selected to update the phone’s software.

Then things got ugly and dead very quickly. As iTunes began the inevitable process of backing my phone up, something it had just done 5 minutes ago, my iPhone powered down. I pushed on the power up button, which fell off like a degenerates tooth a few months ago, well stub and got the Apple logo, but no more.

I turned the phone off by holding the power and home buttons at the same time for a few seconds and let it sit quietly for a while. I then pushed the power button on again and got the Apple logo but no further. I did this process at least 20 more times to make sure. Panic was well entrenched at this point.

So I made an appointment at the local Apple store and went in to see what the Geniuses down there could do. After looking at it for 2 seconds the Genius let me know that it was toast and would need to be replaced. Of course I am out of the warranty period so that means $200. Or I can get a new iPhone 4 for $199 on Thursday as long as I spend $18 with AT&T.

As I sit here now the phone is connected to my computer via USB cable with the Apple logo staring at my face. Every 10 minutes or so it seems to power down and reboot only to stay at the same spot as before. I am open to suggestions besides buying a new phone, because if thats what it takes then I am getting off iPhone and AT&T and going Android probably with Verizon.

iPhone Game Review: Frackin awesomerness – Fieldrunners – Tower Defense goes badass

Get it if: You like giggling while little guys get blown upFieldrunners Screenshot
Don’t get it if: You have important things to do, like fly a plane.

I am a procrastinator, a darn good procrastinator at that. In fact if I dont procrastinate I get ill and fear that I may perish. The American Heart Association agrees based on a study I just made up.

One way to help alleviate the pain of getting too much productive things done is my iPhone and more specifically games on my iPhone. Recently my cohort in Ignite Phoenix collusion, JM, told me about Fieldrunners. I brushed it off as I always do when someone tells me about something I dont already know about to maintain the false comfort that I know everything.

I also brushed it off cause its not free and I had this thing about not paying for Apps. Once I finally caved in and bought the game I was immediately gratified with my purchase and proceeded to spend the next 2 hours curing myself of mucho productivity.

If you have played any tower defense games in the past then the concept is familiar to you. (If you have not then please go away, educate yourself, or continue reading along blindly.) The difference here is the quality of production. The graphics and music are really good stuff. Subatomic Studios has really gone into great detail to create unique characters that are reminicent of Team Fortress with some Ikari Warriors.

There are three maps (Grasslands, Crossroads, and Drylands) each with three game types (Classic, Extended, and Endless) and can all be played on Easy, Medium, or Hard. I have made my way to Drylands but am having some trouble getting through the Classic game. Its the frackin airplanes, just relentless I tell you.

Strategy is similar to other Tower Defense games, build mazes of killing machines and hit Play. There is a pretty active forum attached with the game and some of the dedication is borderline psychopath but to each their own. That said I would suggest taking a look there on occasion for some ideas of how to play as the openness of the playing field allows for limitless combinations and methods for you to totally fail bigtime.

Only negativeness would be the sense that its slightly repetitive, but thats pretty standard to this genre.

So please stop what you are doing and get Fieldrunners.