My post @elephantJournal: Being Vegan is Easy

I ran into Waylon of Elephant Journal about 7 weeks ago at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park. We talked about a number of things and exchanged some different ideas about the Internets, Yoga, and being Vegan. He explained that he would be a vegan if it weren’t so difficult to do so when going out on the town.

I thought that this was a valid issue and started to explain how I coped with the issue. This resulted in my writing a little post that was published there about Being Vegan is Easy. I have been encouraged by the comments and effects it has had on a number of people.

In the end remember to do your best to eat with a conscious mind, always being aware of what you are consuming. Being vegan doesn’t require a snobbish or religious attitude. It just requires that you care about what you are putting in your body and what it takes to get that food to your plate.

I Pity the Pita, that crosses my plate – Lunch with @skinnyjeans

Mr.T Bobble HeadMade it to @gangplank for Katie Charlands Brown Bag on Social Media and Non-Profits, which absolutely rocked the house. I put up a number of posts about it and asked a few questions. Anyway got a message from Kammie to say hey to Stephanie and introduce her to Phoenix. It turns out Stephanie is a serious foodie and has a blog network:

Being new to Phoenix I suggested lunch at Pita Jungle since its healthy and was close. Her post on our lunch is titled: Relishing One Thousand Beans on Pita and gives an excellent bit of background on yours truly and how I came to being Vegan. Great food and good conversation is the only way to roll in my book.

Welcome to Phoenix Stephanie!

A Blogshop in Chandler of all places!

Just got out of a really fun workshop Stop, Blog and Roll! with Biray. It was a really good intro to the subject and Biray is not only very knowledgeable about the topic but also a great presenter. She definitely has passion for blogging and getting others to do it.

This was fun because its a topic that I know a lot about and its always nice to meet others with that passion. While I still havent completely figured out what Desertstandard is about I have a refreshed energy to keep going.

St Pattys in Chandler

I don’t know about you but my fall-down-drunk days of green beer are retired. Nowadays I am much more interested in outdoor festivals with bands and lots of people. From the sounds of it Chandler is gonna have a pretty good try at it this year with their first annual St Patricks Day Festival.

Its right downtown south of Chandler Blvd on Arizona and starts at 4pm till 11pm. Its being organized by the non-profit Downtown Chandler Community Partnership.

Two new blogs that I am now reading

I need to do a post on all the various blogs and websites that I read so that you know where I am coming from. Anyway I wanted to mention two new ones that I am subscribed to now:

Tim Saffles and I have been buds for a few years now. It all started at that strange event known as Retention where we worked for Bob Parsons at Our dark and sarcastic humor pretty much clashed right away and it was all over but the arguing after that. He is a really good writer and gets his thoughts out like I wish I could:

So I have a dilemma: I want to purchase a place of my own, I feel that there will be no better time that in the next year or so, but I don’t think it will be a worthwhile investment of capital or time. I’m torn between sentimentality and responsibility. :

Renting vs. Buying: Housing Dilemma

The second one is from Biray Alsac who I just learned of today via her teaching a blog workshop at the Chandler Library on March 26th at 6:30pm called Stop, Blog, and Roll. She is a fitness guru and really into the Internets. She is also a very good writer and I look forward to reading more from her:

Despite being a bit of a techno-geek, I’m still a health educator and fitness professional first. I admit, I spend countless hours on the web exploring online tools and reading up on new technology. But I see my efforts as directly helping me better understand this gadget-driven, internet-savvy culture. I’m striving to become more effective […] : Be Fit With Biray

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