Miso Hungry, Oh, Miso Hungry, Me eat Miso long time!

After today’s marathon cycling session I didn’t feel like putting too much effort into much of anything. This is when the Miso Soup recipe from the Vegan Planet book comes in handy. It takes all of 20 minutes to make, most of which is waiting for the water to boil, and is delicious and nutritious.

Are you ready for the Vegan Potluck or what? Let me know and I will host, figure having about 10 people over would be rocking!

Trick or Treat? I ain’t got no tricks but here’s a Black Bean with Butternut Squash Chili, boo!

Rounding out my late afternoon of kitchen slavery labor of love, I put together a nice little chili to go with my cookies and potato salad. This recipe came from Vegan Planet as well which has like 400 recipes and I do my best to make them all but am nowhere close to halfway on that. I think I need to start doing some Pot Lucks as an excuse to make more of them. Who is interested in this? Let me know!
Anyway this recipe is very straight forward. I got hung up on the black beans because I went with doing the pressure cooker action with dry beans, at first I only did 3 minutes once the clicker got going, then I had to go back for another 3. Lesson learned: 1.5 cups of dry black beans take 6 minutes to cook in pressure cooker. Moving on!

After that the challenge was the Butternut Squash. Peeling these awkward vegetables is a PITA but its totally worth the hassle. I am very happy with this recipe and give it 5 stars out of 5.