YAVCCC – Yet Another Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

Got a new cookbook today from @changinghands today: The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes. It was pointing right at me as I walked through the store and I flipped through a few of the recipes and was impressed. the layout is easy to understand, the ingredients do not require exotic expensive trips to Whole Paycheck, and the intro had some great pointers about vegan baking that I was unclear about. At $12 it was a no brainer.

“But Roger”, you may ask (and if you don’t I just went and did for you anyway sucka) “if the book is so good then why are you making Yet Another Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie? Don’t you have 3 recipes already?” Well you caught me but the answer is simple, my sister asked me to make her Chocolate Chip Cookies, and when it comes down to it I prefer to cook for someone else anytime, anyday.

This recipe diverges from my usual recipe from Vegan Planet, mainly because it uses Margarine instead of Oil. Other differences are that it does not use Agave or Flaxseeds. My overall impression is that the cookies are good, but a little too surgery, meaning that the sugar crystals are very predominate. They also drop a bit more than I like but maybe that was my fault by over mixing. In the end I give them 3 stars out of 5. I will be making a lot more stuff from this book so be ready!

Oh and the author Kris Holecheck has a great blog(nom! nom! nom! blog) and facebook page for the book.