Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environmental Report Card – Make it happen.

Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environment Report Card – PDF

Give this a read if you care about doing anything outside of a hermetically sealed room with filtered and chemically treated water. If you believe in science and care about what comes next these are the issues you need to keep at the forefront. This is long term planning for the place we live. If we dont have drinking water there is no point.

Here is how the officials in my area did on the Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environmental Report Card:

Way to go Ken Cheuvront for most improved!

Senator Ken Cheuvront (D-15) improved from a “D” on the 2009 report card to an “A” on the 2010 report card. Senator Cheuvront helped point out the silliness of the light bulb bill and stood up for parks and clean water. His grade improved considerably this session, because he missed very few votes. We appreciate his support for environmental protection over the years as leaves the legislature after 16 years of service.

Arizona Legislature 2010 and the Environment

Crepuscular rays taken by fdecomite
Crepuscular rays taken by fdecomite

Hooray! Finally, the Arizona Legislature wrapped up what will likely go down as one of the worst sessions, at least in recent history. Our air, land, water and wildlife took some significant hits and our health and future will suffer – unless we can turn it around. Now is the time to turn the tide and make sure legislators who do not support environmental protection find something else to do. Look for the environmental report card to come out in the next two weeks for details on how legislators voted on key environmental issues. Hold them accountable.

To learn more about the bills just click on Sierra Club Tracker. To find out how you can get involved and do more, contact Sandy Bahr at 602-253-8633 or