Travel Day

Gotta love travelling on a Thursday. The airport is empty and things just flow so much easier. No one is stressed cause most of them are business people. Fewer families so less screaming kids, which is always a good thing.

Southwest Airlines has a new boarding system which breaks up their ABC groups to 1-30 and 31-60 for each one. This eliminates people from sitting in the group lines for hours before the flight. Some people still see it as the same thing as a cattle call to which I am unable to reply because I have always seen flying on commercial airlines as a cattle drive of sorts.

Luckily this time I have an iPhone so I was able to watch some snowboard videos and read more of Free Culture by Lessing.

The Dollar rental car was easy enough, they even brought the car around. I made the trip up to vail in about 2 hours even though the weather was less than ideal. There was also a high amount of people camping out in the left hand lane.