You had me at ‘very tolerant’

SPAM marriage email

SPAM is awesome when I see it anymore. The email filters seem to really be doing their end of the job anymore. So when SPAM does get through I have to at least open it as they dont disapoint. In this case my future wife has reached out through the internets to let me know what the score is:

SPAM marriage email
SPAM marriage email

From a marketers perspective I have to say that the use of Color and Bolding are a nice touch, if you are targeting 6 year olds. I am thinking that for this type of service you should be adding more sports references.

5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Writing Enough

Writers Block Dungeon
by orkboi

We have all been there: trying to get the report done for school or work and hitting the wall of no ideas and nothing to say. Here are 5 Reasons why I am not writing enough:
5. Windows – Not the OS but the glass kind. I suggest spray paint.
4. Day Dreaming – That vacation you took 5 years ago isn’t writing anything.
3. Phones – Your buddy from softball has nothing to contribute.
2. Lunch – The waitress has no idea what you are talking about.
1. Facebook – Likes do not create functional paragraphs.

This was brought to you by someone experiencing total writers block hoping that by writing something stupid it will get him to write something that will pay the bills. This person did not get a useful degree in college, probably something like Humanities. He could use a beer.

Updating iPhone 3G to iOS4 – Down but not out mother truckers!

sleazy sales results in retarded support
sleazy sales results in retarded support

Earlier I wrote about my distressing problem of my iPhone 3G dying while trying to update it to the new operating system iOS4. I had taken the all but bricked phone into Apple’s Genius Bar for a look and was told that my only option was to replace it. As luck would have it they have a new iPhone coming up for sale this Thursday. This left me not only sad that my treasured iPhone was died, but also because I felt that I was being manipulated, which I only enjoy when I am the manipulator.

So I posted a little description here and the Internets talked back and this time with useful information sans pornographic images or penis enhancing pills. The oddly named Sringspam suggested that I try DFU mode and see if that helped. I googled DFU iPhone and found this helpful article on Device Firmware Update (DFU) and now I have installed iOS4 and have a working iPhone 3G.

Step One
Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to your Mac.

Step Two
Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time.

Step Three
After exactly 10 seconds release the Sleep/Wake button. Continue holding the home button until you iTunes pops up a message telling you that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

The iPhone screen will remain black while it restores.

NOTE***: It may take a few attempts to get your iPhone into DFU mode. Generally, I hold down both buttons then release the Home button just before I think the Apple logo would appear. If you are still holding both buttons down and you see the Apple logo you are holding them down for too long!

I am still pretty annoyed that the Apple Genius I talked with did not suggest this at all and instead only pointed me towards getting a new phone. Reminds me of working at Godaddy having to sell 3 Traffic Blazers and 2 Stealth Rays everyday to hit quota. I had thought higher of Apple but it turns out they have shitty support training just like everywhere else.

Is iOS4 zapping older iPhones to sell more iPhone 4’s?

iOS4 kills iPhone 3G
iOS4 kills iPhone 3G

I woke up this morning with minimal goals and expectations for the day. Besides getting some work done I was also looking forward to updating the operating software of my iPhone 3G to the latest version known as iOS4. After updating iTunes to version 9.2 I checked to see if there was a new version of the iPhone software available, which there was, and I selected to update the phone’s software.

Then things got ugly and dead very quickly. As iTunes began the inevitable process of backing my phone up, something it had just done 5 minutes ago, my iPhone powered down. I pushed on the power up button, which fell off like a degenerates tooth a few months ago, well stub and got the Apple logo, but no more.

I turned the phone off by holding the power and home buttons at the same time for a few seconds and let it sit quietly for a while. I then pushed the power button on again and got the Apple logo but no further. I did this process at least 20 more times to make sure. Panic was well entrenched at this point.

So I made an appointment at the local Apple store and went in to see what the Geniuses down there could do. After looking at it for 2 seconds the Genius let me know that it was toast and would need to be replaced. Of course I am out of the warranty period so that means $200. Or I can get a new iPhone 4 for $199 on Thursday as long as I spend $18 with AT&T.

As I sit here now the phone is connected to my computer via USB cable with the Apple logo staring at my face. Every 10 minutes or so it seems to power down and reboot only to stay at the same spot as before. I am open to suggestions besides buying a new phone, because if thats what it takes then I am getting off iPhone and AT&T and going Android probably with Verizon.

Prepare for Epileptic Shock – Beat Hazard on Steam

Uh wow. Thats my reaction to watching this video of someone playing Beat Hazard to the DJ Picto – Streets of Rage (Flux Pavilion Remix). Its getting pretty wild what they are doing with video games these days.

Welcome to a new experience in gameplay mechanics: Beat Hazard Gameplay Powered by YOUR Music! Experience your music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music. Power up your spaceship and watch as the music boosts your

via Beat Hazard on Steam.

4 Google Chrome Extensions You Should Have

Google Chrome ExtensionsIn its neverending quest to control every data access point you have on the Internet, Google rolled out its own Web Browser called Chrome. Its really slick and slim and its does stuff that makes developers swoon and get all light headed. Personally I think its fast and thats about all I care about, until I started digging deeper into the Extension’s features. Extensions are just that, an extension of the browser, for any type of task that you need. Firefox has had Plugins for a while and they all function kind of like Applications in the Browser. I have put a list together of 4 Google Chrome Extensions I think everyone should be using:

  1. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate – Chrome Extension Page – Developer Webpage
    I sometimes need to take a picture of a webpage for development work. This tool allows to you take a picture either of what you are looking at or the entire page even if you have to scroll to see it. I also like the easy ability to annotate the screenshot with various tools. This developer gets an extra star for making it really easy to contact and rate the service.
  2. Feedly – Chrome Extension PageDeveloper Webpage
    The Internet is awesome cause anyone can write about their expertise. The Internet is a pain in the ass cause anyone can write about their expertise. If you read more than CNN or Fox you should be using RSS Feeds and a Reader. Google Reader is the best but the layout is painful to me. Feedly cures that and more.
  3. ExtensionFM – Chrome Extension PageDeveloper Webpage
    If you listen to music ExtensionFM is for you. This extension acts like iTunes in your browser. When you are on a website that has MP3’s on it, like, you can click on the ExtensionFM button and it will add those links to your library. If you create an account you can then access this from any computer with the extension. Since it is playing the MP3’s from the website you have no storage concerns.
  4. Shareaholic – Chrome Extension PageDeveloper Webpage
    The web is all about sharing and Shareaholic makes that super easy. You setup whatever services you want to share with from Twitter to Facebook to Email to Blogs to Evernote and more. Then when you are on a page you want to tell someone about or bookmark you just click on Shareaholic or use a keyboard shortcut that you setup.

Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0 – Youtube upload option, siick.

Pretty cool stuff if you have an Android phone. This is a really neat feature for an already badass product.

GPS on Youtube with Trimble on Android

Well I have some good news! in Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0, which will be launching soon on Android, we are going to support full integration with YouTube directly from the handset! There will be a new setting in Trimble Outdoors that allows you to enter a YouTube username and password, and when you do this, your videos will be directly uploaded to YouTube when your trip is uploaded. Of course your videos will still show up in your trip\'s Media Gallery, and on the map on where you recorded them on The big difference is that when you view them, you will get the lightning fast experience that you have become accustom to thanks to the magic of YouTube.

via The Trimble Outdoors Insider Blog: Coming Soon: Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0.

Making music with iPad | #gamechanger

There is a lot of marketing talk out there about how the iPad is going to take over. The thing that the naysayers are missing is that the iPad is a remote control, that is also a computer, but still a remote control. WIth that in mind take a look at this video.

Get ready to make some wicked tunes on your iPad! We created a custom Touch OSC templates designed for the iPad. 16 Sample drum pad, and two 26 key keyboard layouts. Each note and pad has been pre-programmed to work with your DAW. You’ll get three custom templates along with the accompanying OSCulator template. Works right out of the box once you connect it to OSCulator. Includes rotary dials and multifaders for using them as MIDI cc’s to control your live effects. Page One 16 Sample Drum Pad. 4 Rotary controllers. 3 Multi-Faders and 1 Pitch Bend. Page Two 26 Key Midi Layout. 6 Rotary controllers. 3 Multi-Faders, 1 Pitch Bend and 1 XY Pad. Page Three 34 Key Midi Layout. 6 Multi-Faders

via Making music with iPad |

Twitter / @NASA/Astronauts – Almost like being one…

Twitter / @NASA/Astronauts.

Being an Astronaut was definitely the biggest on my list as a kid. I had models, and read everything I could on them, and The Right Stuff is still one of my most favorite pieces of American Propaganda ever made. I gave up on the dream before high school when I realized I just wasn’t that motivated to be the best of the best.

The cool thing is that now I can occasionally pretend to be one just by logging into Twitter. Ain’t technology great?