Video Will Greene of Beyond Coal and Net Metering in Arizona

This week I talked with Will Greene about Net Metering in Arizona and the commotion being made about it. Will is the Phoenix Organizing Representative of the Beyond Coal campaign being run by Sierra Club. He is currently working to motivate people to come out for two important meetings happening next week on November 13th and 14th.
We did a Google Hangout to discuss the events and how you can get involved:

The first meeting on November 13th at 9am is at the Arizona Corporation Commission building:
1200 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996
This meeting will be to discuss the Net Metering policy for the state of Arizona. Currently APS has proposed changes to Net Metering that would help APS make more money but pretty much kill off the Rooftop Solar Industry in Arizona, which employs at least 10,000 people. In addition APS has been caught secretly funding Non-Profits that are creating advertisements that attempt to make non-solar customers thing solar customers are getting a free ride.
We are trying to get as many people to show up as possible at 9am to show a presence that the Commission will be hard pressed to ignore. If you live or work in the downtown Phoenix area you should call in sick or late and come take part in helping to ensure sustainable industry in Arizona will continue growing.
If you have time to stay longer you may have an opportunity to have your voice heard in front of the Commission.
There will be coffee and bagels!

The second meeting is on November 14th at 5pm at the Phoenix Convention Center and involved the EPA and haze over the Grand Canyon. The Phoenix Convention Center is located at 3rd Street and Washington.
Specifically this meeting is going to discuss whether or not the EPA should enforce the clean air laws on the Navajo Generating Station(NGS) near Page, Arizona. The NGS is the states largest polluter and is considered by many to be the cause of a haze in the skies over the Grand Canyon.
Show up at 5pm and stop by the Sierra Club booth for a free Beyond Coal t-shirt and then head into the meeting to give a brief statement about why clean air at the Grand Canyon and all of Arizona is important to you.

Workin for a Livin – Zion Trip Fall 2011

In 2010 Kate and I made our first trip to Zion National Park and immediately fell in love with the place. We liked it so much we went back for New Years when everything was covered in snow and it was equally as awsome, just cold. This year we decided to spend an entire week at Zion and even rented some Kayaks to take along. I did my best to document things and put together the following video for you to watch and enjoy.

The music is by Mav and is called God of Speed. You can buy the song here at Beatport for $1.49 with no DRM and support the artist to make more great tracks.

Poor birthers, what will you do now? Funny or Die can help.

Last week the O man dropped a proverbial bomb on the bither argument by releasing his long form birth certificate. I hear that people are upset that he stooped to this level of discussion and capitulated but to me its a very strategically done move which makes the republicans look more out of touch and racist than ever before.

The concern now is what will the birthers do now that their entire mission is over:

Get help people, get help.