Nerding: Google Apps Multiple Inboxes Feature Request

Screen Shot of Multiple Inboxes in GMAIL

THis probably isnt going to be the most productive way to get this feature installed, but why should I help Google make a better product, easily anyway?

I recently went totally nerd overboard after reading this Lifehacker post on Creating a Unified Communications Center with Google Voice. It was one of those lazy days at work and I felt like a nice big not-quite-productive project was in order so I jumped in head first and created a Google Apps mailbox that has my personal and work emails, my various Social Network messages, my text/SMS messages, and my voice Mail as email with both audio and transcribed attachments. I know right, total heaping pile of the dork.

Anyway one of the key components to lighting this candle is a Google Mail Labs add-on called Multiple inboxes. It lets you make your Inbox in Google Mail look like something from Star-Trek (the new cool and sexy one, not the one with herpes). The only problem is that it is not fully malleable to what I want it to do (damn you genius programmer for not being able to read my mind of thoughts I haven’t had yet!). I am limited to only having 5 boxes and rearranging them requires copy and paste. It would be awesomer if I could have 999 boxes and rearranging them was capable via drag and drop. Please fix ASAP!

Now I have to get back to Infinity Blade and World of Goo. Go click on some expensive Adwords Ads mesothelioma.

Screen Shot of Multiple Inboxes in GMAIL
Multiple Inboxes in GMAIL

Arizona Political Review – AZ Republics Endorsements for 2010 Elections

The AZ Republic has come out with its endorsements for the 2010 Arizona Elections. If you have not registered to vote AND elected to receive mail in ballots for life I suggest you Register To Vote at the Service Arizona website now. Even if we don’t agree on who should be elected I would prefer that you at least exercise the one right in Arizona that does make everyone an equal.

Here are the AZ Republics Endorsements for the 2010 Arizona Elections that I agree with:
AZ Senate: Rodney Glassman
Rodney is the former vice-mayor of Tucson and has gotten everyones attention with his energy and gameplan. He is focused, young, smart, and intelligent. Four things the Dems and the US all need right now.

A lawyer and JAG officer in the Air Force, Glassman served on the staff of Rep. Ra̼l Grijalva. He has served on the boards of an astonishing number of civic organizations Рa mark of both dedication and ambition.

This guy is pretty smart too: former Ward 2 Tucson City Councilmember (2 years), Ph.D. (Arid Land Studies) and J.D. from U of A, M.B.A. and M.P.A. from the U of A Eller College of Management, B.S. (Agricultural Economics) from U of A

AZ Attorney General – Felecia Rotellini
Felicia is a prosecutor who appears well versed with the law and is unafraid of taking on big dogs and making them pay for their fuckups:

As superintendent of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, she slapped $5 million in fees and fines on Western Union for violating laws meant to cut off funds to Mexican cartels. In 1999, she was lead litigator in the successful case against accounting giant Arthur Andersen for failing to protect investors from the Baptist Foundation fraud.

Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0 – Youtube upload option, siick.

Pretty cool stuff if you have an Android phone. This is a really neat feature for an already badass product.

GPS on Youtube with Trimble on Android

Well I have some good news! in Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0, which will be launching soon on Android, we are going to support full integration with YouTube directly from the handset! There will be a new setting in Trimble Outdoors that allows you to enter a YouTube username and password, and when you do this, your videos will be directly uploaded to YouTube when your trip is uploaded. Of course your videos will still show up in your trip\'s Media Gallery, and on the map on where you recorded them on The big difference is that when you view them, you will get the lightning fast experience that you have become accustom to thanks to the magic of YouTube.

via The Trimble Outdoors Insider Blog: Coming Soon: Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0.

Second time around? – Great analysis of today’s Phoenix with good action points.

Rogue Columnist: Second time around?.

Solution ideas:

  1. Repeal SB 1070.
  2. Elect Terry Goddard governor.
  3. Throw out the Kook majority in the Legislature.
  4. Raise taxes on the rich and, if the Growth Machine ever revives, enact a real-estate transfer tax and a tax on long commutes.
  5. Stop all residential development outside existing urban footprints (and the extravagant planning maps of Buckeye, Surprise, Maricopa, et al, are not existing footprints). For one thing, there’s not enough water.
  6. Establish a real state commerce department employing best practices to attract high-wage jobs.
  7. Build out the Phoenix Biosciences Campus on a speedy schedule to include a hospital, large med school, pharmacy school and private-sector research facilities. Add a full-court press to lure biomed manufacturing from California.
  8. Eliminate GPEC. Let the cities go their own ways.
  9. Fund the public schools and universities to compete at top levels.
  10. Establish real infill incentives along the light-rail line.
  11. Put a premium on shade, including enhancing and reclaiming the shady oases in central Phoenix.
  12. Reform the tax structure so cities aren’t so dependent on sales taxes.
  13. Create a climate-change emergency plan now and begin acting by, for example, building intercity rail, commuter rail, light rail, streetcars and an integrated, easy-to-use transit system.

Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environmental Report Card – Make it happen.

Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environment Report Card – PDF

Give this a read if you care about doing anything outside of a hermetically sealed room with filtered and chemically treated water. If you believe in science and care about what comes next these are the issues you need to keep at the forefront. This is long term planning for the place we live. If we dont have drinking water there is no point.

Here is how the officials in my area did on the Sierra Club Arizona Legislature 2010 Environmental Report Card:

Way to go Ken Cheuvront for most improved!

Senator Ken Cheuvront (D-15) improved from a “D” on the 2009 report card to an “A” on the 2010 report card. Senator Cheuvront helped point out the silliness of the light bulb bill and stood up for parks and clean water. His grade improved considerably this session, because he missed very few votes. We appreciate his support for environmental protection over the years as leaves the legislature after 16 years of service.

Slate Lakes Grasslands Restoration May 21-23

Slate Lakes Grasslands Restoration May 21-23Join conservation leaders from around the state for the 2010 Conservationist Committee Workday in northern Arizona. This event is a collaborative effort with the Arizona Elk Society, Conservationist Committee, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

We will be modifying fences to ease wildlife movements and performing minor habitat modifications to benefit wildlife. Food and water refills are provided.

Families are welcome to participate (adult supervision required for youth under age 18). Attendees are also welcome to join a presentation on the Babbitt Ranch Environmental Ethics and Land Administration programs.

For more information and to get involved, contact Sandy Bahr at 602-253-8633 or

Immigration documentary 9500 Liberty creating groundswell in Arizona

Annabel Park, film director and co-founder of Coffee Party USA arrives in Phoenix tomorrow

Scottsdale, Ariz., May 6, 2010 — Following a sold-out premiere at the Harkins Valley Art Theatre in Tempe, 9500 Liberty begins its second week with the announcement that director Annabel Park will host special event screenings at the Valley Art on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday.

The award-winning film documents a Virginia county’s short-lived policy requiring police officers to question people they deemed likely to be undocumented immigrants. It was repealed after two months of implementation due to its negative economic, social, and public safety impact.

Ms. Park is internationally known as the founder and leader of Coffee Party USA, an upstart grassroots movement that in three months has reinvigorated America’s silent majority. Today Park is on Capitol Hill meeting with lawmakers about financial reform legislation. Tomorrow she will arrive in Phoenix.

“There never would have been a Coffee Party if not for the lessons we learned making 9500 Liberty,” Park said. “I hope to share some of those lessons with the people of Arizona and suggest a way forward.”

Park and Byler will be available to the media from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday May 7 outside Harkins Valley Art Theatre. Show times and tickets can be found at In addition to Ms. Park’s appearances at the Valley Art, Byler and producer Chris Rigopulos will take questions from the audience at:

Harkins Shea (Eric Byler)

Friday and Saturday: at 7:15 p.m. and 9:25 p.m.

Harkins Gateway Pavilions (Eric Byler and/or Chris Rigopulos)

Friday thru Sunday: 1:10 p.m., 3:20 p.m., 5:50 p.m.

via 9500 Liberty | Press Release 4-26-2010 | Immigration documentary 9500 Liberty creating groundswell in Arizona.

Arizona Legislature 2010 and the Environment

Crepuscular rays taken by fdecomite
Crepuscular rays taken by fdecomite

Hooray! Finally, the Arizona Legislature wrapped up what will likely go down as one of the worst sessions, at least in recent history. Our air, land, water and wildlife took some significant hits and our health and future will suffer – unless we can turn it around. Now is the time to turn the tide and make sure legislators who do not support environmental protection find something else to do. Look for the environmental report card to come out in the next two weeks for details on how legislators voted on key environmental issues. Hold them accountable.

To learn more about the bills just click on Sierra Club Tracker. To find out how you can get involved and do more, contact Sandy Bahr at 602-253-8633 or