Linkpost: Motley Fool rips Sprouts IPO after stock’s red-hot debut – Phoenix Business Journal

Interesting article:

Motley Fool rips Sprouts IPO after stock’s red-hot debut – Phoenix Business Journal

I would say that the motley fool analyst is the fool here. Compared to whole paycheck Sprouts is a pleasure to shop at and keeps a very down to earth feel while providing excellent products at a good price. I guess I should pick some stock up.
via Motley Fool rips Sprouts IPO after stock’s red-hot debut – Phoenix Business Journal

Podcast Episode 3 – Arizona Home Solar System Market

Today I rant about the Arizona Home Solar System market. Kate and I are looking into adding Solar to our home to save some money and offset using fossil fuels to power our Air Conditioning. Along the way we have learned a whole lot about inverters and our power company’s, APS, attempt to mess everything up.

DS Podcast 2 – Medicine Tents Nicholas DiBiase and Mike Logan

Medicine Tent Last Exit Live Show

Medicine Tent Last Exit Live ShowSat down with Nicholas DiBiase and Mike Logan of Medicine Tent the Phoenix Local Funk Dance band that defies genrefication. I had a great time sitting down out side of Lux coffee bar with these two for my first interview in I am pretty sure ever. We get through some of the usual mucisian questions about influences and where the band came from. We also discuss the Phoenix music scene and some of their favorite local acts at the moment.

Nicholas’ Influences : TLC, Parliament, Janet Jackson, Otis Redding, Adina Howard, James Brown, Allen Toussaint, Meters, Blackstreet, Chiffons, Ike and Tina Turner, Roni Size

Mike’s Influences are similar to Nicholas’ but also include Nile Rogers
Allen Toussaint

Interesting places to educate yourself on live music:

Medicine Tent on the Interwebz: and

Some of our favorite local artists :

Ride a bike in Phoenix? Get a ULock

I love riding my bike. This is no secret. I really love riding my bike in Phoenix instead of driving. Sure it’s hotter than siracha sauce but I deal with that.
What I urge anyone who wants to ride a bike in Phoenix to do is buy a ULock. This is because anything less is like dental floss to a determined bike thief. While a ULock is not unbreakable it is more difficult requiring more time and effort on the thiefs part.

Past getting a ULock I also recommend riding a bike that does not have quick release wheels or seat. These are just more low hanging fruit for a bike thief.

In memory: Ozric

ozric in the office with bonzai in the background

ozric in the office with bonzai in the backgroundSentiment is a strange thing. Most of the time it comes cheap and easy like when we think of a pleasant childhood memory. Every once in a while it hits like a ton of bricks like when you lose a loved one. Generally we want to avoid being overly sentimental as it means we are spending too much time looking back. Occasionally we avoid it because it’s painful and exposed us to the simple fact that nothing is permenent. Today I am sentimental because a great friend of mine is dead but it took me a while to understand what that meant.

Ozric Grass was born a boxer puppy on tax day April 15th, 2003 and moved into his home on Roma street that June. His owner Kate Grass is one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met and gave him the best home anyone, especially a dog, could want. He had a sister, Bonzai Grass, who liked to give him kisses when he tried to sleep or relax. I don’t think he minded it too much.

Most people wouldn’t claim that Ozric was the sharpest tool in the shed. I like to think it was a staged act giving him an out from having to do the tedious things we make our dogs do like fetch and rolling over. He was a master of getting people to pet him with his patented stance over your crossed foot or leg. Eventually all succumbed to the pressure and gave him a good petting.

He was a caramel color which would eventually match the linoleum flooring we installed in 2011 thus naming it CamoflOZ.camofloz His hair was short and soft and didn’t shed a great deal. While he didn’t mind having his head petted he loved it when you got his shoulders, back, and hindquarters the most. If you didn’t know this it was fine as he would adjust himself so your hand found its target. Of course he had his tickle spots on the sides of his neck and at the bottom of his sternum which would set his right back foot in a good kick.

Of all the memories we have of Ozric arguably the most memorable were from feeding times. Even at 9 years of age whether it was breakfast or dinner if you didn’t know it you would have thought that it was the first time he’d ever been fed.

In the mornings it would start at the bedside with a speech as clear as day. Not so much a bark as a moan crossed with a yogic OM. He would start low and relatively quiet and then it would grow in volume and length. Naturally this was accompanied with a spinning tail and tap tap tappy front paws. For good measure he would take a break and give a good down dog stretch and then pop right back to his ritual of getting you out of bed for the purpose of delivering him his rightful breakfast.

black and white ozric laughing it upThings would only grow from there as he goaded you towards the food container. As soon as the lid rotated open and he heard the scoop grab his portion up a whirling dervish would appear. Front legs would hop 8 to 12 inches off the floor as anticipation boiled over. Next would come the helicoptering as he knew he needed to move out of your way and towards the bowl yet he also needed to keep an eye on you to make sure you remembered where to go. Once the path was set and a fairly certain agreement was made that you would make it there he would sprint the ten feet to his bowl. From there he would gesture exactly where you might want to consider placing the food by repeatedly jutting his face into the bowl and then bringing it back up to make eye contact with you. Occasionally he would get a bit over excited and kick the bowl across the room.

Placing the food in the bowl required some timing on your part. First of all you had to allow his head to get out of the way. Second you wanted to expel the food and remove your hand in time else it also become part of breakfast. Once deposited a feasting that only the shipwrecked may understand would commence and within 32 seconds all remnants of the meal were vanquished. However just to be certain all had been consumed the Oz would check back with the bowl no less that three or four more times to sniff out any crumbs and thoroughly lick everything clean.

His feeding habit is what first tipped us off that something was not normal. On Monday night we noticed that he ate slowly and not all at once. By Tuesday he wasn’t interested in his food at all. We gave him some rice and garbanzo beans and decided to take him to the vet on Wednesday. With nothing immediately apparent they opted for blood work and by Thursday it was determined that his Liver was not working and that he was experiencing pain akin to the worst bout of flu you or I have ever imagined.

Kate took the day from work and spent it with him at home laying together in peace. We talked about what to do and what the options were. Sure we could hospitalize him for treatment to fully determine if it was liver cancer or something treatable which still would probably not end in a positive outcome. The other option was to choose an unselfish route and give him a dignified moment with both of us there holding and loving him.

Last night we made the decision to give our friend a final moment with us before letting his pain and suffering end. He went calmly, peacefully, and beautifully. Just like we will always remember him. Ozric left us on June 21st of 2012. He was a 9 year old boxer and his liver failed him. He is survived by two parents and a Bonzai.

I like to think that we choose to live with animals because it makes us appreciate living more but also because they are our companions and teach us as much or more than we teach them. Ozric taught me that every meal is a feast. That nap times cannot come often enough and that being touched my someone you love is one of the best things in the world. With that in mind I will think of him happily and regularly as I try to remember that all of our time here is short and special. Love you buddy.ozric lazer eyez

Obligatory Post of the Day

Just wanted to say hey! Its been an interesting day. A bit chilly here in the PHX yet still sunny and short wearing weather so suck it.

Getting prepped up for new adventures and revelations. Stay Tuned!


Kate and I go backpacking at least once a month. We tell our friends and colleagues this and I sense that they think we are hardcore and competent. The truth is that we are pretty good at backpacking, meaning we pack enough food and water to stay alive. However our ability to setup camp is at times a trying affair usually because it is dark by the time we make it to camp. In this case we decided to have a large tarp for our campsite.
As you can see in the following video this is the first time we have attempted to hang a tarp…

Canticle Drawl – AFX

Playin around with new camera. The clips timed out to this great Aphex Twin song by random chance.

Appreciate any and all feedback, just learning a new tool at the moment.

This was all done on a Canon 60d with the 18-135 EF-S kit lens purchased from Foto Folio on 7th Ave and Camelback. Shot at midday on August 22nd in like 130 degree heat. Its actually all shot at 720p 60fps as I was going to do some slow motion editing but forgot (maybe I will update but dont count on it).

I thought the water shots were pretty good although I kept playing with the focus too damn much. Getting a proper film rig setup will help reduce this but I am not ready to spend more cash just yet. They say using the telephoto zoom is cheating but in 120 degrees I am all about expediency.

More on the way.

Slow Cooking with Crock Pot some General Halfacat’s Chicken

General Halfacat's Chicken
General Halfacat's Chicken
General Halfacat's Chicken

Getting it on till the break of dawn

So we have a new crack tasty recipe that will be getting a lot of rotation on the homefront: General Halfacat’s Chicken. It’s a blantant rip off of this recipe from famed and noted blogger

STEPHANIE O’DEA My name is Stephanie and I have an unnatural obsession with my slow cooker’s Slow Cooker General Tso’s Chicken Recipe

. I’m okay with this because I took the Garlic called for (4 garlic cloves, minced) and increased it X6 by taking the jar of pre minced Garlic and turned it upside down. This allowed me to create an armor coating of garlic all over the Chicken. In essence preparing the carcased warrior one last battle for dignity by becoming my delicious dinner.


If you clicked on the link to the fancy Blogspot™ website above you saw her recipe. I basically took that as my framework and kicked it in the balls:

  • 1.5 Cups of Garlic minced
  • 3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of Ginger dried
  • 2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce (Sprouts has good stuff for cheap, get the big bottle)
  • 2 teaspoons of Chinese Five Spice
  • 1 Chicken (Frys had em for $0.67 per pound, thats quality)
  • 1 Frozen Bag of Veggies (Stir fry veggies is a racist thing to say)

Mix up the first 5 ingredients above (thats why I wrote them in that order, more recipes should follow this standard) in a mixing bowl. Take the Chicken out of the plastic and rinse it out. Its a corpse so there is shit on it that you don’t wanna feel slithering down your throat while you fake a smile at your spouse. Put the Chicken in the mixing bowl and make it happy with the special Garlic happy sauce you made in the first sentence of this paragraph. Now place the Chicken into your Crock Pot/Slow Cooker/Crack Maker and pour the remaining happy sauce onto the Chicken. Place the lid on the cooker, set it to low and leave it alone for 5 hours. Add the veggies and kick that shit up to high for 1 more hour. Let sit for a bit, peel the meat of the bones, add to quinoa or something and the veggies and try not to eat it all by yourself. There should be 6 to 8 meals there and for stoners 4.

Kate and I managed to take two dinners to eat it all but the temptation was there to eat everything the first night.