Riding with DNB Arena

bachelors of science labelGot home and had nothing on my mind other than getting on the bike and getting some miles in. Did the sun lakes route again same as Sunday and finished 20 minutes faster. Gorgeous sunset as always and 33 miles in 105 minutes.

Got through 3 mixes from DNB Arena:
Bachelors of Science – very smooth stuff, good warmup
Logan D & Evil B – much harder and Evil B’s lyrics might be considered a bit rude, but its good for dropping the hammer
Mixmaster Doc – at this point my legs were shot so it was good just for rolling on home

Sun Lakes Route

Saturday Cycling: St. Francis Loop

road biking arizonaWent for my first ride with the Phoenix Metro Bike Club today and its was well worth the 3 hours of my Saturday morning. The group meets at Kiwanis Park in Tempe, AZ at 7:30am which is at Guadalupe and All American Way. Since that is only 9 miles from my house so I rode over for a warm up. Its about 55F in the morning here now so it was a bit chilly.

Turnout was low according to some but we rolled out with about 30 riders and headed east on Guadalupe going back towards my house. We moved along pretty well ar about 21mph with only a few stoplights breaking things up. It was my first time riding in a pack in over 13 years but it came back to me easily enough.

I felt great up till mile 26 and we started on the four different climbs all around the Papagos. These made me realize that i had a ways to go before I was back into good riding shape. I am now at 106 miles for the season and I was always told that you have to get 500 out of the way before you start up a training program. In 2 weeks I will have the 500+ out of the way and start figuring out some sort of program so that I can power up all of these climbs and then keep going for another 50 miles.

Here is a map of the route.

This is the PRBC website.

get google maps link for kiwanis park