Formatting or resetting or deleting all data on Kindle 2

If you have a kindle 2 and dont use it anymore cause you got an iPad and like color and lots of awesome instead of black and white you might wanna sell or give it away.

If so you should format it of your copy of the karma sutra and other pornography. To do that do this:
power on your kindle 2
Click the Menu button
Select Settings with the control knob button thingy
Select the DeRegister option
Click on the Menu button again
Select the Reset to Factory Settings option
Have a cup of tea

Hope this helps


Nerding: Google Reader gets Suggestions Wrong

I loves me some RSS feeds. Being able to skip through headlines without any cumbersome graphics to slow things down is what I need. Google Reader is the RSS reader of the day. Its fast and easy to use. With Reeder on my iPhone and iPad and soon on my Mac I can look through a lot of material very quickly and identify topics of interest for me or my clients.

One glaring issue I have with Google Reader however is how it makes suggestions. When you find a new RSS feed that you want to add to reader you see this:

Google Reader gets Suggestions Wrong
Google Reader gets Suggestions Wrong

Now dont get me wrong I love me some suggestions and Google is really good at suggesting relevant feeds. The problem is that the suggestions show up before I have finalized the subscription to the original feed that I wanted. Once I click on the Subscribe button the suggestions no longer appear here. Instead you have to click on the Feed Settings button and mouse over More Like This to see this:

Google Reader Suggestions are too hidden
Google Reader Suggestions are too hidden

Once again I appreciate Google making these suggestions, but they are way too hidden for most users. Make this more visible please Google. I suggest showing them right after I Subscribe to a feed and then occasionally once a month or so.