DJ Quake n Surrept – Monday Night Mashup | Drum and Bass Podcast

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Finding more DnB Podcasts for listening to while working and the does not disappoint. Would like to see more tracklists for all the podcasts but considering the sheer volume of episodes they are churning out a little leeway is given.

This is the first one I heard and if it is a representative of what they will all be like I should be happy. Lots of new and classic tracks played and pretty flawless mixing with no talking.

DJ Quake n Surrept – Monday Night Mashup | Drum and Bass Downloads.

Skream & Benga Stella Sessions Mix

Skream & Benga Stella Sessions Mix.

These guys do not enjoy what they do at all.

  1. Skream “Sunrise”
  2. Distance “Ill Kontent”
  3. Skream “Fatty Drummer”
  4. Breakage feat. Erin “Justified”
  5. Skream “Ooof”
  6. Skream “Exothermic Reaction”
  7. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  8. Joy Orbison “The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow”
  9. Breakage “Untitled”
  10. Grievous Angel “Loser”
  11. Matt U “Eraser Head”
  12. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  13. Kutz “Freaks VIP”
  14. Truth “Fatman VIP”
  15. Benga “Smack Ya Bitch Up”
  16. Benga & Example “Dirtyface”
  17. Benga “Untitled”
  18. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  19. Skream “Raw Dogz”
  20. Skream “Frogga”
  21. Benga “Untitled”
  22. The Others “Off The Wall”
  23. Kutz “Freaks VIP”
  24. Skream “I Can’t Wait”
  25. Geeneus “Get Low (Skream Remix)”
  26. Skream “Stand Up”
  27. Benga “Electronic Mayhem”
  28. Kutz “Fittin’ Riddim”
  29. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  30. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  31. 501 “Unknown Enemy”
  32. Benga “Old Skool Revenge”
  33. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  34. Benga “In The Jungle”
  35. Skream “Rolling Kicks”
  36. Skream “Croydon Take Over”
  37. Benga & Youngman “Ho!”
  38. Benga “Transformation”
  39. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  40. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  41. Skream “Pitfall”
  42. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  43. Benga “Untitled”
  44. Benga & Katy B “Man On A Mission”
  45. Skream “I’ll Give You Everything”
  46. Killa P “Everyman (Kalbata Remix)”
  47. Unknown Artist “Unknown Track”
  48. Zinc “Wile Out (Skream Remix)”