Podcast #5 – Zoe Von Diether – Vegan Bake Sale in Phoenix

DS-Podcast5-Image-300Moving along into the 5th episode of the DesertStandard podcast we have an interview with the one and only Zoe Von Diether. She joins us to discuss growing two events that she is hosting in October. Have a listen to learn more about Zoe, growing up in Phoenix, why she loves working out in the gym, and her passion for vegan bake sales, saving pigs, working with Autism Speaks, and being awesome.

Show Notes:
Vegan Bake Sale in Phoenix for Autism Speaks
Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/154774608060747/
Saturday, October 12, 2013
Time-11:00am until 5:00pm
Hosted at 11th Monk3y Apparel and Designs
1022 W Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Zoe needs Vegan Bakers. So if you can bake something tasty that is also vegan then you should go to the event Facebook page and contact her.

Also if you have a band that can play to the G level then she wants you to play for as long as you want.

Grand Avenue Festival happening on Oct 19th
-They need a website update for 2013 event
-Here is 2012 webpage http://grandavephoenix.com/grand-avenue-festival/

IronWood Pig Sanctuary Pumpkin and Blanket Drive – Pigs in a Blanket
-Pumpkin and Blanket Drive – Oct 19th at 11th Monkey
-Looking for employees, need to live in the area, or be down with camping in area and want you to be vegetarian
-Hard work, working on the farm
-Looking for bands

Autism Speaks Walk
Looking for bands

Podcast Episode 4 – Jump the Arizona Politician

Desertstandard podcast Jumping the Arizona Politician

Lets do it. Lets talk politics in Arizona.

My stance: business owner, liberal, conservationist, vegan, and dog lover

I think society exists to help people cooperate with each other and government should be a tool that we use to make this happen. I don’t want government to tell me everything about my life but I do like having roads and helping people is the least fortunate positions with food and shelter. Greed is not good and a lassiez-faire approach to governing leads to situations where a few abuse the many. I don’t assume to have all of the answers but I know that not speaking up is the same as agreeing even when I disagree. I hope to discuss the real issues of the day and not fall into petty discussions of the day, lets see how long that lasts.

Many people ask me: Why even bother voting in a Republican dominated state?

I look at the newtonian principle that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So every time I vote against the ruling party I create some amount of effort that goes against the prevailing attitude of the day. I also hope to influence others to at least vote and perhaps change their mind about who they choose to elect to represent them.

On a propositional level Arizona did legalize medical marijuana with Prom203 in 2010. Thats a pretty liberal action for a republican state to make. Sure the republicans in office are making a good show of fighting the implementation of the law but its happening nonetheless.

Other view is that if I am going to effect more change then I should be where people have a difference of opinion from me rather than only with like minded people. We can be civil and have a conversation about our differences and at the end be adults and agree to disagree. Yes emotions are going to play a part inherently in these conversations since we are dealing with how we choose to live together. What’s important is that we educate ourselves about the issues with as much information as we can and not rely on one source of information.

Interesting blogs on Arizona politics with a left of center view:

Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion – http://www.rumromanismrebellion.net/
Interesting opinions from Tucson, Phoenix’s southern slightly more liberal city. Hosted by ‘Tedksi’ who has worked in some capacity on a number of Democratic campaigns and even served as the vice chair of the Arizona Democratic Party. His posting schedule over the last 60 days is sporadic but substantial with most posts going well over 500 words.
Ramdom Musings – http://cpmazrandommusings.blogspot.com/
Craig McDermott posts a lot on this Blogspot hosted politics blog. He focused on Arizona politics but spent some time talking about the George Zimmerman trial last month. He gets really in depth about the mechanics of politics with a lengthily article on politicians facing term limits back on July 4th this year.
Politics Uncuffed – http://politicsuncuffed.com/
Julie Erfle started Politics Uncuffed after her husband and Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle was shot and killed by an illegal alien with a felony record. When politicians and pundits began spinning the story Julie felt the need to speak up and started writing on the issues on March of 2011. She has posted a lot but seems to be slowing in the last 60 days with only one post in July. She also appears to be chair of the Protect Your Vote Committee though that is not pointed out on her website.
Blog for Arizona – http://www.blogforarizona.com/blog/
The Huffington Post of Arizona politics with a multitude of writer supplying a lot of content.
Democratic Diva – http://www.democraticdiva.com/
WIth a number of contributors listed on the site as :Krista, Donna, Katie, Naomi, and Tiffany” the Diva blog stays pretty busy with 21 posts in the last 60 days. it seems most posts are from Donna Gratehouse who has run for office in the Arizona State Senate and been a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.
Arizona Eagletarian – http://stevemuratore.blogspot.com/
With a nice play on words for his title bringing the virtues of egalitarianism together with the symbol of the bald eagle Steve Muratore creates a Arizona politics blog worth reading.

Current News and Issues:

City of Phoenix City Council Elections for even numbered districts – 2, 4, 6, and 8

Learn about the candidates in your district: http://phoenix.gov/cityclerk/services/electinfo/clist.html
Election Day is August 27th but you will be able to vote at centers on Saturday Aug 24th and Monday Aug 26th. Early voting started Aug 1st with mail in ballots appearing in mailboxes last Thursday.
The City Council members are elected to four year terms and may serve for three consecutive four year terms. They receive a salary of $61,610 and seem to spend a lot of time focused on the salary and benefits programs of city employees. It would be cool if they got rid of the suicide lanes on 7th St and 7th Ave, and added more bike lanes as well, just saying.

House Bill 2305
  • Making it more difficult to start citizen initiatives
  • Kicking people off the early voter rolls
  • Keeping third parties off the ballot
  • And making it a felony for volunteer groups to help elderly, homebound, disabled and economically disadvantaged voters get their early voting ballots to the polls.
  • You can go to protectyourvoteaz.org to learn more and take action.

    Happy 20th Tent City!

    On August 3rd 1993 Sheriff Joe created what will be one of the mainstays of his legacy in Arizona: Tent City. Rather than build a real jail to house his inmates Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio saved some money and just put up some tents in the middle of the desert. The 1.8 Million he saved has since been well spent and them some on the various lawsuits his office has incurred over the last 2 decades. Happy anniversary indeed.

    DS Podcast 1 – Summer Survival – Flagstaff, Mt Humphries, and Camping

    Starting the Podcast thing up with an episode about surviving the Phoenix summer by heading up to Flagstaff, hiking Mt Humphreys, and camping at Freidlein Prairie Dispersed Camping.

    Notes from this podcast:

    • Flagstaff is about 2 hours north of Phoenix via the I-17 and is generally at least 20 degrees cooler
    • Mt Humphreys is the tallest spot in Arizona at 12,600 ft
    • Average hike time up Mt Humphreys is 5 to 8 hours
    • Take a Camelbak backpack with water and food
    • Pack a raincoat as the weather changes quickly and severely at this altitude
    • Have fun by setting a 15 minute timer and take 1 to 2 minute breaks when it goes off. This will keep you rested and solve and group tension that might arise with faster and slower hikers.