Podcast 15 – Talking Treehouse Bakery with Cori and Amanda

300-DS-Podcast-TreehouseAfter talking with Tracy on the Strawberry Hedgehog episode she highly recommended that I get in touch with Cori and Amanda at Treehouse bakery. Tracy is a big fan of theirs since she is vegan but also because they make really good baked goods and on top of that are really nice people.

We talk about growing up in Phoenix and then getting going with their vegan bakery in downtown Phoenix. We cover Grand Ave, creating the best cupcake icing in the land, the Pie Social, customers, turning down Cupcake Wars, taking special orders, taking donation requests, and more. You should take an hour and have a listen to how a local business gets things done in Phoenix.

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Treehouse Bakery Phoenix AZ
Pie Social – Nov 16th 2013

Podcast #16 – Reuben Gonzales of Eleventh Monk3y

300-DS-Podcast-16-ReubenWhen I talked with Zoe for Podcast #5 she mentioned Reuben and his store Eleventh Monk3y as someone I should do a podcast with. He allowed Zoe to use his space for her bake sale and he agreed to sit down with me to talk about growing up in Phoenix and the adventures that led him to opening Eleventh Monk3y in its current location on Grand Ave in downtown Phoenix.

Among the topics covered are:
Quitting Circut City and Subway
VW Restoration
TShirt Design
Running a Business
Each one Teach one
Grand Avenue Festival 2013
Saying no to Bling
Phoenix Design Week
Mark Dudlik

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Eleventh Monk3y

Podcast #14 – Cody Landefeld of the Cody L Group

This week I sit down with local WordPress and Web Strategy Master Cody Landefeld of the Cody L Group. We talk about Cody’s youth in Phoenix and how he ended up in web design and strategy.

We break off into a few topics of conversation including:

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Cody L Group

Podcast #13 – Dillon Holmes, Cambio Energy, and AZ Residential Solar

This summer Kate and I decided it was time to get solar panels added to our home to eliminate our dependence on our utilities dirty energy. In Arizona residential solar tends to seem expensive but when you add up the costs and the savings its a 8 year return on investment and a massive reduction in your carbon footprint.

We talked with a lot of vendors. I posted a blog post and did our third podcast on the subject.

Eventually we met with Dillon Holmes the owner of Cambio Energy in Phoenix AZ and chose his company to install the system. In this podcast I talk with Dillon about growing up in Phoenix, going to U of A in Tucson, running a solar installation company, and current issues in the energy market.

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Cambio Energy Inc
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Podcast #12 – Aaron Post, Refresh Phoenix, and Bar Vision

Podcast 12 Aaron Post, Refresh Phoenix, and Bar Vision

This weeks episode features Aaron Post and we cover the gamut of his Phoenix history. From his early freelance career, to helping start Collins College, to the Dot Com Boom, Refresh Phoenix, and his current project with Bar Vision. Aaron is a really great guy and has been involved in multiple aspects of the Phoenix digital design community over the last three decades. His work getting Refresh Phoenix to happen laid a lot of the ground work for what has become a thriving creative scene in the Phoenix area. It was cool to talk with him and learn about how he came to the idea of starting Refresh Phoenix based on a trip to Chicago for a 37 Signals event.

Link Love:
Bar Vision
Local First Arizona
Phoenix Content Strategy Meetup

Podcast #10 – Sarah and Seth from WannaTri

Desertstandard Podcast 11 Sarah and Seth from WannatriThis weeks podcast is with Sarah and Seth from WannaTri a triathlon coaching company located in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona. Sarah recently gave my wife Kate and I swim lessons in preparation for a Triathlon we are competing in October of this year. It changed my approach to swimming so completely that I wanted to have her and her husband and business partner Seth on the podcast.
In this episode we learn about how Sarah and Seth ended up together in Phoenix and what led them to compete in triathlons and eventually to coaching. I recommend that if you have any interest in competing in a triathlon that you give WannaTri a call.

Link Love:
List of upcoming clinics and seminars
Overview of services
Swim Lessons
Newsletter Sign-up

Podcast #9 – Jason Ayers and Sub:Conscious

DS Podcast 9 Jason Ayers SubConsiousThis weeks podcast went back to the music theme with Jason Ayers. I have known Jason since 2008 through the Arizona tech scene and further because he is a Drum and Bass DJ, Promoter, and Producer by the name Deepfreq and co-founder of SubConscious. He also has a Soundcloud page.

In this interview we cover the gamut of Jason’s progression from growing up in north Phoenix in the 70’s, to his take on “the 4 things wrong with Phoenix that cannot be fixed so stop complaining about them”, and quite a bit about Drum and Bass and the Arizona club scene.

We recorded at the Lost Leaf which you should go check out now.

Jason’s shout outs go to:

Podcast #8 – Keith Mulvin on CoHoots Phoenix

DesertStandard Podcast 8 Keith Mulvin CoHoots PhoenixThe eighth podcast is with Keith Mulvin the Community Manager of CoHoots. We talk about growing up in the Phoenix Valley,how he ended up working at CoHoots, what drives him to stay in Phoenix, and a few places to get some food or drinks downtown.

In the last 10 years the growth of coworking spaces in the US has had a lot of buzz. Instead of a traditional office or executive suite, where everyone is with the same organization and working by themselves, a coworking space basically removes the walls and lets people from various companies and groups work side by side. In Phoenix there are a number of coworking spaces but there has been one in the Downtown area that has grown quickly and established itself as a great place to get work done and meet interesting individuals.

Check out their website at Cohootsphx.com

Podcast #7 – the BitPanther interview

Podcast Chris Pena and Bit PantherSat down with Chris Pena’s new band Bit Panther and am pretty sure its the first interview they have ever done which is rad. I ran into these guys a few weeks ago when they were playing at Lost Leaf and they killed it so I had to get them on the Podcast.

We get all over the map with this interview from where the guys are from to their thoughts on the Phoenix music scene to the future of the music industry. I tried recording their session but have no idea how to do that so instead here is The System:

Bit Panther is:
Chris Pena – Vocals, Piano, Synth
Bransom Nijam – Synth Bass
Paul Defay – Piano
Jordan Thompkins – Drums
Bit Panther Website
Bit Panther on Facebook
Bit Panther on Twitter
Bit Panther on Soundcloud

Bit Panther upcoming shows:
Rogue Bar on the Aug. 30th
The Trunk Space On Sep. 7th.

Other bands BitPanther recommends:
Hasty Escape
Stella Cutta
Vial Of Sound
The Hill in Mind
The Stakes
The Sugar Thieves
Robots with Ray Guns