DJ Hype – Essential Mix (17/10/2009) [Hard Charging Teeth Grinding Recordings]

Creepy Angel of 10th AveOh Boy, this mix from DJ Hype for Radio 1’s Essential Mix might be too much for you to handle. Really I suggest you go back to your Kelly Clarkson or Tiesto. This will give you nightmares and make you wet your bed. You have been warned.


  • Pendulum – Tarantula [Original Proto Version] (Dub)
  • Noisia – Deception (Dub)
  • Original Sin And Taxman – Casino (Ganja Dub)
  • Shy FX – Everyday [Chase N Status Remix] (Digital Soundboy)
  • Vapour – Cut Paper (Dub)
  • Hazard – Psychadelic (Playaz Dub)
  • Break – Winter Sun (Shogun)
  • Taxman – Harrys Revenge (Ganja Dub)
  • Twisted Individual – Handgrenade [Clipz Remix] (Dub)
  • Hazard – Against The Clock (Playaz Dub)
  • Sub Focus – World Of Hurt (Ram)
  • J Majik – Mosqiuto (Mosquito)
  • Sub Zero – Motion (Ganja Dub)
  • Zero T & Mosus – Vanity (Dub)
  • Jaydan – Driller Killer (Ganja Promo)
  • Marky & Spy – Brainstorm (Innersound Dub)
  • Original Sin – Pimp Don’t Limp (Playaz Dub)
  • Lomax – Jungle FX (Ram Dub)
  • Noisia Feat Foreign Beggars – ??? (Dub)
  • Sub Zero – Spin Doc (Ganja)
  • Netsky – Tomorrow Is Another Day VIP (Liq-Weed Dub)
  • Total Science – Gangsters (C.I.A. Dub)
  • Hazard – Busted VIP (Playaz)
  • Sub Focus – Deep Space (Ram)
  • The Unknown Artist – The Unknown Track (Dub)
  • Original Sin – Step On (Playaz)

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Happy Friday! Apply loudly – Shogun Audio Podcast 5: DJ Friction

Happy Friday, here is 1 hour of very nice music from DJ Friction’s 5th podcast mix.

Start up, ride on, then crash n burn. REply


  • 01. Lenzman & Jo-s – Fade Away [SOUL:R]
  • 02. Alix Perez – Menacing Ways [SHOGUN]
  • 03. Total Science & Riya – Redlines [CRITICAL]
  • 04. Taxman – Dreamland [LIQ-WEED GANJA]
  • 05. Ascend & Ultravibe -What Kind of World
  • 06. Calibre & DRS – Judgement Day [SAMURAI]
  • 07. Icicle – Xylophobia [SHOGUN]
  • 08. Netsky – I Refuse Shock One Remix [SPEARHEAD]
  • 09. Hazard – Against The Clock [GANJA]
  • 10. Need For Mirrors – Gallows [SGN:LTD]
  • 11. Total Science & SPY – Above The Clouds [SHOGUN]
  • 12. K-Tee – Hypnotize VIP [SHOGUN]
  • 13. Notorious BIG – Juicy

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Shogun Audio Podcast

John B Podcast 075: Studio Mix March 2010

John B Podcast 075: Studio Mix March 2010 | The John B Podcast.

My first introduction to John B can be blamed on my nemisis Melissa S who had his Visions album/compilation way back in 1998. That album is rediculous and if you can find it I suggest you buy it. If you have it please send me a copy.

John B doing his Boy George impression

Since then he has gone considerably left and slightly diagonal with the whole electrostep fusion of 80’s synths and the dnb breakbeat. His podcast involves a bit of talking but seems to be a bit kinder to the listener.

Hospital Records – Podcast #111 – Siick Music

My severe addiction to the music genre known as Drum and Bass started in 1997 when I spent a year in Norwich at the UEA. The campus reminds me of a Doctor Who episode:

UEA building

This probably created some strange pattern recognition for me where I associate dark and wet and concrete with good music. Maybe it was the drugs…

Hospital Records – Broadcast – Podcast and Radio.

Yes he does talk a lot but the tunes are mostly unreleased and really good. You are tough pressed to find better quality Drum and Bass on a Podcast.

Noisia – Essential Mix (03/12/2010)

rock the dub: Noisia – Essential Mix (03/12/2010).

When I was in England for my Junior year of Uni a good friend, Mat Brown, turned me onto the weekly Essential Mix. We would jam out pre saturday evening and the artists involved were usually pretty sick. Once you get past the uber jockey Pete Tong its a conucopia of audible delights.

This mix is from Noisia whom I have only recently become knowledgable of from a name perspective. One side effect of over consumption in my 20’s is a lack of names to go with events and places. Oh well, if you like eclectic, dark, and challenging music have a listen.

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