3 weeks till Ignite Phoenix!

Have you submitted your presentation yet? This is the last week to get your name in the hat. If you have something to say in PHX this is your chance.

I just sat through a conference where the format is similar to how the Ignite presentations will be done. I can tell you now that a good Ignite presentation will not be a business presentation. It needs to be more fun than that. Open yourself up let us know what your questions are, where do you need help. What works and what doesnt. Either way get your submission in. If we dont choose you now there will be another in a few months, I can feel the momentum carrying over for sure!

Tech-e Tuesday – aka Tempe Tech Oasis

Via Jmoriarty’s suggestion I went to the Tech-e Tuesday which was up till recently known as Tempe Tech Oasis, which is slightly confusing but we all know about name changes.

Anyway it was a good time. The main speaker was Ed Koeneman of Kinetic Muscles Inc. He went over the fun of starting up a Tech company in Arizona: grant writing, prototyping, and sales. They started off using a reseller but have since shifted to running that in house. They create devices that help people recover from strokes, which is a really good thing.

Everyone got 20 seconds to introduce themselves so I pitched Ignite Phoenix really quickly. There were at least 30 people there. It was at some bar that used to be a Pita place by the Tempe theater.

I was then able to circulate a bit and talk to a few people I thought would be good presenters for Ignite. The whole thing is put on by Herb Finkelstein of ASU’s R&D Services in the Engineering School. Oh and the next one is also on the same night as the first Ignite Phoenix. Doh!

Tech jobs in Phoenix? Crazy talk…

You wouldn’t really be able to guess that Phoenix is the 16th largest city for tech jobs in the country if you were to read the traditional media here. In the 41 stories published to the Phoenix Biz Journals RSS feed this week 6 of them talk about tech in the valley.
Yet there is this story:

Tech jobs spur some growth in Phoenix area:
The Phoenix area's technology community has seen some growth after shedding jobs for most of the decade, according to a study by the American Electronics Association.

Where is the info about what companies are driving this growth? What are they doing? Who are they?

Of these 6 stories only one of them actually talks about a specific company: Unicorn Media which is a startup by some of the folks who did Limelight Networks.

Where is the story about Limelight’s current issues with patent Lawsuits with Akamai?

This is more and more reason for the grassroot/groundswell action that Refresh, Social Media Club, Tempe Nerds, Refactor, and Ignite Phoenix to name a few.

Scottsdale Council approves final funding for Paolo Soleri bridge – Phoenix Business Journal:

Sounds cool, I will have to go check it out. It sounds like it will go in by the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall connecting the shops on the canal:
“It will feature two steel-clad, 64-foot pylons that will generate a light beam on the walking surface of the bridge to mark solar events and reiterate the connection of humans to the environment, light and architecture,” said the new release. “The plaza on the south side of the canal features a second set of pylons, which will house the largest bell assemblage ever created by the artist. Cast bronze bells are the signature retail item of Soleri’s Cosanti studio.”

Scottsdale Council approves final funding for Paolo Soleri bridge – Phoenix Business Journal: