Video: Year 0001 – Pictures Katie and Me took set to Rock It by Sub Focus

So Kate and I met in December of 2009 and proceeded to have one hell of an awesome year. We took a few thousand pictures and I have been trying to figure out what to do with them all. Here are 315 of them set to one of my favorite Drum and Bass tracks – Rock It by Sub Focus (I hope they dont sue us, its a great song and we arent making any money from this. You should buy the track from iTunes cause its that good.) We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Here is the HD Version(Double click on the screen to go Full Screen and give it a bit to fully load):

There will be more, be ready!

Electronic Music Festival in Phoenix this Weekend – Colossal!

Colossal Phoenix Electronic Music Festival April 2011

Colossal Phoenix Electronic Music Festival April 2011
Colossal Phoenix Electronic Music Festival April 2011
Sometimes its good to have a friend like my man Tim. Mostly its an antagonistic situation where we are closer to pushing each other into oncoming traffic, but thats probably what makes hanging out worth while. Mostly he is trying to get me arrested and I am mostly making fun of how pale he is. The good news is that he is very impressionable and after 7 years of work has learned to appreciate Drum and Bass. Which brings us to The Colossal Event featuring DnB headliners Chase and Status.

Its going down this Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd at The Madison Event Center which is right next to the Ice House in downtown Phoenix(Google Link). Tickets are $47 for General Admission for both days or VIP for $120 and then you get the OPEN Bar. I plan on attending and expect to be hard of hearing for at least the following 7 days or so. Are you gonna be there?

In typical Phoenix fashion there does not appear to be a dedicated website for the event making definite information difficult to find via Google. I want to support the Phoenix music scene but its hard to find it most of the time.

Here are the details as stolen from other websites:

3 Areas of music, with over 60 performers over two days!! Arizona’s first 2 Day Electronic Music Festival is here.

APRIL 22-23 // 6pm-2am Friday// 5pm-2am Saturday // 2 Day Event

Friday – April 22

Chase & Status DJ Set –
Aly & Fila –
Max Graham
Jakes –
TV Rock –
Space Rockerz –
HavocNdeeD –
Jordan Stevens –
Radar –
Louder –
Mike Saga –
Sean Essex
DJ Lujan

Performance Art from Ms. Easy and Team EZ

Saturday – April 23

Steve Aoki –
Jack Beats –
Nero –
Felguk –
Felix Cartal –
Liquid Stranger –
Style of Eye –
Turner & Heit –
Tranzit –
Michael James
Jared Alan

Performance Art from Ms. Easy and Team EZ

With support from:

Brook B
Sean Android
DJ Casper
Ms. Sparks
Mara Vs Disko Da
Matt Dunn
Johnny Jam
Sam Groove
Cameron Graham
Squarzan vs. Whiteboi
Thomas James
Feed me Techno vs Ozone Ace
Audio Intervention
Dan Lunsford
Marija Dunn
DJ Moonfire


LIMITED 2 DAY GA TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW FOR 45.00 at the following locations:


Hard Tickets:
-Graffiti Shop on Mill

-All Zia Record Locations:
–Tempe – 105 W University
–Phoenix – 1940 W Indian School Rd & 2510 W Thunderbird Rd
–Chandler – 1940 W Chandler Blvd
–Tucson – 3370 E Speedway Blvd & 3655 N Oracle

-Delivery: Text your name + I Need tickets to Colossal to 602-300-1556

Wanna Win Tickets? Text your full name to 602-284-2842 for details

16+ Event // 21+ Drinking Area w/ ID

The VIP Experience (21+ only)

Your VIP Experience ticket will include:
– Separate VIP Express Ticket Pick up
– Exclusive VIP Fast Pass Entrance
– OPEN Vodka and Beer VIP Area Bar …. ([/SIZE]yes I said OPEN)
– Private DJ’s and Sound System and lighting in your area
– Special VIP front of stage viewing areas
– Complimentary water

Beer sponsored by Coors Light

Is Phoenix Graffiti the problem or are we just stifling Artists?

Phoenix Anti Graffiti Programs
Phoenix Anti Graffiti Programs
Recently a City of Phoenix representative came by my house and gave me consent form to setup a camera behind our property. The problem at hand is Graffiti. Our house backs up to the Canal and the side of our concrete wall that faces the canal gets tagged every once and a while. The city comes and paints it over and the taggers come back and tag again. Its a really great use of city resources. When I asked the representative how effective the cameras were she said that they hardly ever catch anyone.
Way to go Phoenix! Lets spend money trying to catch kids who are simply expressing themselves in the only form left after we have cut all the Art programs at the schools. Once again we are focused only on punishing the crime rather than eliminating the root cause of the crime.
Untitled Graffiti In Phoenix
Untitled Graffiti In Phoenix
Personally I like graffiti, as long as its done well and put in a respectable location. The back side of my wall facing the canal is totally fine with me since I never see it. In fact I would like to welcome some good muralists to put something good on there. This will prevent the scrappy taggers from putting anything else on there as its known that you don’t tag over anything of quality. Also the canal is one of the uglier places in town. Generally full of trash and totally void of any personality I think we should welcome aspiring artists to use the canal as their canvas.
Instead we have “Graffiti Busters” who get my tax dollars to go around and paint over graffiti. Don’t get me wrong I am totally against punk ass kids tagging up someone’s house, car, or personal property. This is disrespectful, but I don’t see how criminalizing and fining anyone for this does anything other than drive them more underground. Instead we should be funding art programs that create a mentorship situation where kids get certain areas where they can paint. This beings the whole situation into the light where good habits can be encouraged and developed. Rather than create criminals we can create artists.
A quick search of the Arizona Commission for the Arts for Graffiti comes up with no results… They have a Twitter and Facebook feed, I suggest we start this discussion for them.
Here is a great article from Jonathan Macnamara of the Phoenix New Times on Graffiti in downtown Phoenix. Its a great example of how Graffiti brings people together and lets the artists find a creative and positive outlet for their angst.
So what do you think about Graffiti? Is it just punk kids who don’t care about anything or are they artists trying to express themselves in the only way available to them? Personally I think Phoenix could use more murals and colors.

Video – Book Review of Eat Me by Kenny Shopsin

While watching Netflix I saw a documentary called ‘I Like Killing Flies’ about Shopsin’s restaurant, or old one, in NYC. Kenny immediately became my hero and upon reading the wikipedia page for the film I discovered that he wrote a book a few years back. Purchase made on Amazon and 15 minutes later I was reading the best cook book I have ever seen. Forget cookbook though cause even though you can learn about 200 recipes from this one volume they can easily permutate into hundreds more.
Kenny has great wit and his philosophy on life is what I want to hear more of: we are not here to slave for each other, we are here to hang out and be nice when thats called for and enjoy company. While I am pretty sure I would be thrown out of Shopsin’s before even being seated, I am a bit of a foodie, I would enjoy every moment of it.
Watch my review and if you don’t have a seizure let me know what you think:

AZ leads world in protecting women and minorites

today gov Jan brewer signed into law a bill that requires women to sign that they are not getting an abortion based on the sex or race of the child. The creators of the bill cite studies showing many women do this type of thing. they seem to not care or see the problem with the fact that the studies are of china and India. by the logic of the bill the biggest danger to women and minorities is abortion and az has now solved that problem. so there you go women and minorities az is the safest place for you to be. move to az!

I mean this has to be that important right? isn’t the politic suppose to be focused on the really pressing campaign issues like the budget and employment? they wouldn’t be wasting their time pursuing an ideological religiously backed crusade?

AZ Governor Jan Brewer getting the most email in the world, shuts down.

I try to participate in government by protesting and talking and speaking with my elected officials. In the last few years email has become a good way to communicate especially when groups that I participate in give me a quick and easy way to send emails with their messages. Recently Planned Parenthood has been pretty active with the recent passing of HB2443 which further chastises women who choose to have an abortion. So I took action and filled out the form and sent it to my Governor, Jan Brewer.

Look at what I got back:

Governor Jan Brewer not accepting emails
Governor Jan Brewer not accepting emails

Seriously? She is getting so many emails that she cannot accept anymore? Whats the threshold of how many emails she can handle? Is she getting more emails than the President of the United States?