Block Ads, Enjoy the Web

Thats it! I have had it! No more ads on Web sites!

You have great content on your Web site and I want to read it and share it on my Facebook, but you have put advertising all over it in an attempt to make $2 a month. Fourtunately I have powers that are more powerful than your advertising, they are browser extensions or plugins depending on if you use Chrome or Firefox. Naturally you dont use Internet Explorer so we wont talk about that.

If you like advertising on Web sites stop reading, if you are disgusted by them the use this:Chrome Web Store – Adblock Plus (Beta).

Have a great day!

Favorite Web site of the week

When I was a kid I really wanted to be an artist and draw all the spaceship stuff in Star Wars and Alien. Reality quickly set in that this was gonna be hard work and I went back to wanting to be a fighter pilot, another dream that would succumb to the reality of hard work, but a bit later.

In the meantime I continue to dream and be fascinated by the fact that people can make this type of artwork. Here is an excellent Web site to get your spaceship porn on:concept ships.

Where’s the beef? 2012(Update)

The flaw in the report is that it treats American consumers as passive actors who are victims of diminishing supplies, rising costs and government bias against the meat industry. Nowhere does it mention that we’re eating less meat because we want to eat less meat.

via Were Eating Less Meat. Why? –

Interesting article on American’s trend of eating less meat. I can attest that Kate and I are eating less meat mainly from a weight loss perspective, but the economics are impossible to ignore. Add to it the fact that meat is heavily subsidized and uses up a lot of oil to move around and our house is easily following this trend.

Best of all is that Kate has really jumped on board with things and is making some amazing recipes. Check out these books:

[UPDATE] – Kate has chimed in with the following:

I BEGAN eating less meat mainly from a weight loss perspective.

I CONTINUE to eat less meat due to aforementioned reasons.

NGC 6357 Nebula Original Modern Abstract by MelissaSherowski

My good friend Melissa Sherowski is not just a well adjusted listener of drum and bass, she is also a darn fine painter. Here I am linking to one of her acrylic paintings from her Expansion and Flux series. I was able to attend the premiere of this series in fancy dancy Vail Colorado, its was mos def.

NGC 6357 Nebula Original Modern Abstract Painting with texture in burnt orange gold maroon copper on 30x36 inch canvas

You should click below to purchase this fine painting and help support a rad individual.
NGC 6357 Nebula Original Modern Abstract by MelissaSherowski.