West Fork Fire from Molas Pass Colorado

June 2013 Molas Pass Sunset West Fork Fire

June 2013 Molas Pass Sunset West Fork Fire
Got a shot of the smoke could from the West Fork Fire. The shot was taken from Molas Pass which is about 5 miles south of Silverton Colorado. The West Fork Fire is east about 100 miles and is over 20,000 acres in southern Colorado.
There is a smaller fire called the Papoose which is closer.

Arizona Forest

Kate and I went to the Mogollon Rim near Payson for Memorial Day this year. I took some photos of the forest near our camp and figured I would share them here.

Workin for a Livin – Zion Trip Fall 2011

In 2010 Kate and I made our first trip to Zion National Park and immediately fell in love with the place. We liked it so much we went back for New Years when everything was covered in snow and it was equally as awsome, just cold. This year we decided to spend an entire week at Zion and even rented some Kayaks to take along. I did my best to document things and put together the following video for you to watch and enjoy.

The music is by Mav and is called God of Speed. You can buy the song here at Beatport for $1.49 with no DRM and support the artist to make more great tracks.

Yackpacking: Knoll Lake Arizona

Just because I go backpacking as much as possible does not mean I enjoy the backpack part of the deal. Backpacks are heavy and yeah heavy. As an option you can put your pack in a kayak and suddenly things get much nicer. We did our first yackpacking trip to Knoll Lake up on the Mogollon Rim a couple weeks ago and I took my camera along. Here is a pretty simple edit of what went down. The song was in our heads all weekend long so thats how I chose it. Let me know what you think:

Everything was shot on a Canon 60D with an EFS 18-135mm lense. Timelapses were done with an Intervolometer and beverages ranged from San Tan Brewery to Vodka n stuff.

Kayaks were rented from Arizona Hiking Shack and were inflatables. I got a double to put more gear into. These kayaks were not the best for Lake running. No keel made going straight a task. Still they were fun and I will be doing this a lot more.
If you need to go inflatable Advanced Elements makes some nice boats:

I built the timelapses in QuickTime and then imported to Final Cut Pro X. Music is All That Jazz from DJ Fresh.

Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0 – Youtube upload option, siick.

Pretty cool stuff if you have an Android phone. This is a really neat feature for an already badass product.

GPS on Youtube with Trimble on Android

Well I have some good news! in Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0, which will be launching soon on Android, we are going to support full integration with YouTube directly from the handset! There will be a new setting in Trimble Outdoors that allows you to enter a YouTube username and password, and when you do this, your videos will be directly uploaded to YouTube when your trip is uploaded. Of course your videos will still show up in your trip\'s Media Gallery, and on the map on where you recorded them on trimbleoutdoors.com. The big difference is that when you view them, you will get the lightning fast experience that you have become accustom to thanks to the magic of YouTube.

via The Trimble Outdoors Insider Blog: Coming Soon: Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0.