Making the career change

So here I am again making my 4th career change in 1 year and I am hesitant to make the move cause I dont know if I trust myself anymore. After the Godaddy debacle I have been in a funk about what I want to do and who I am. Which sucks cause I have this really great mortgage payment to make each month, and I really like making that payment cause it means I get to keep living in my house.

Steve Pavlina has some great advice:

If you really want to switch careers, step one is to go to your current boss and say, “I quit.” Pretty complicated, eh? But for some people merely imagining this scene creates an adrenaline surge. Once you’ve taken that step though, you’ll figure out step two soon enough. This is a direct, guaranteed route to a career change. People do it all the time. And believe it or not, it actually works.

This morning I made this decision and have now vocalized it to three people. Though I havent made it to my boss I have vocalized it which is a big step in making it a reality.

Now I just need to decide what I am going to do next. =)

Doing too much

If you know me at all you know that I am pretty much full on ADD, but if you know me then you know that this is also what makes me who I am. The toughest part of having ADD is deciding on something and doing it. I have so many ideas all the time that I often get overwhelmed and end up doing none of them. So far for 2008 I have decided to start back up on Yoga, cooking all of my meals, keeping my house clean, shaving everyday (even saturday and sunday), coaching youth soccer, playing in an adult soccer league, reducing my alchohol intake, going to Toastmasters, finding a new job, reading a book a month, and getting involved in politics. Phew! and its only February!

So far I have kept good on the Yoga, the cooking, the cleaning, the shaving, the playing, and the reducing. While I have been able to accomplish all of this I am still sad that I havent been able to do all of the other things.

This is the problem with doing too much. Yes you have been successful at accomplishing a lot of your goals, but you focus on what you havent dont, primarily because it is unfinished and therefore still on your mind.

This is why it is critical to write down your goals and then break them up into peices that are reasonable to accomplish. Most goals are lifestyle changes that will eventually become something that you just do everyday, but the hard part is getting them started. So the key is to break up these lifestyle goals into manageble peices. If you are trying to make too many lifestyle changes at once you will get overwhelmed. Ease up. You have plenty of time to get everything done, but not all at once. Start with something easy like shaving everyday, then go on to making it to the gym three times a week, and then start eating healthy. The shaving is easy cause its part of waking up and takes only a few minutes. Going to the gym is a bit more complicated as you need to get a routine, then the clothes, and finally the gym membership. The eating healthy takes the most work to accomplish as you need to get the recepie, buy the ingredients, and then cook the food. Plus the eating is something you have to do multiple times each day so there is a lot more planning involved.

Another thing to consider is that some goals may need your to accomplish other goals first. For example Toastmasters is a weekly commitment that I need to make to the group and myself. The problem is that there are a few different locations that I can go to, but since I am in job transition I need to hold off until I know where I will be working. This is because I want to make it as convenient as possible so that I make it consistently.

Get a list put together of everything you want to accomplish in life. Then start prioritizing. I went with Yoga and eating because I want to be in good shape and save money. Cleaning the house came next because I just feel better about having a clean and organized house. Now the career one is really slapping me in the face so I have to get that done next. Then I will get the Toastmasters thing going which will lead to becoming a public speaker and finally a politician. Phew! Thats a lot but now its manageble.

When you feel overwhelmed, stop and take stock of everything you are doing and then break them down into their individual parts. Find out what is priority and what is dependent on doing something else first. Then put a timeline together. A good rule of thumb for getting a lifestyle change started is 30 days. Do it for 30 days to make it a habit and then move on to the next one.

Most of all though make sure you want to do it and then make sure you have fun doing it. There is nothing worse than accomplishing something that you dont care about.

Dying off of the Beach

Starting up my day this morning and headed over to Digg to get my latest installment of Truth to find that Roy Scheider died. I was always fond of Scheider’s characters. In Jaws and 2010 he plays the hero but a flawed hero who doesnt win all the battles and shows the human side of trying to save the world. I remember seeing Blue Thunder as a kid and wanting to become a helicopter pilot, but was disapointed by all the story stuff that they had going on in the movie.

I guess he was also big on Broadway.

Roy Scheider, Actor in ‘Jaws,’ Dies at 75 – New York Times

Where did the $5Mil come from?

Its been an interesting week in politics. Mitt ‘the Quit’ Romney is done and now that fossil Mcain is looking like he will be the GOP nominee. On the other side of things The Dems got a whole lot more interesting as Obama seems to have taken enough of a lead to cause Hillary to dip into her Personal War Chest to the tune of $5Million.

I agree that she should fully disclose where this is coming from:Obama suggests Clinton show tax returns – Yahoo! News

I base this on the recent stories that have come up about her past experiences on Wal Marts Board of Directors. Who is pulling Hillary’s strings?

Taking Stock of 2007

Just read a great post over at Real Estate Investing Brain » Why Almost Everyone Struggles More Than They Should in REI. He goes over a number of ideas about why we struggle with our business and financial lives and how to take stock of things so that we can focus on the future in a positive and productive way.

There are 5 quesitons that he wants us to ask ourselves:

  1. What were your greatest accomplishments in 2007?
  2. What were your biggest disappointments in 2007?
  3. How did you limit yourself last year, and how can you stop?
  4. What did you learn from the last three questions?
  5. How can I (you) use this information to make 2008 the best year yet?

Here are my answers:

  1. What were your greatest accomplishments in 2007?
    Made number one salesman at my company. My third month in, and it was the best month the company had ever seen!
    Got to go to Vegas for a convention with my old company after being there for just three months.
    Remembered how much fun a relationship can be and that I need to stay focused on having fun in one.
    Made all of my mortgage payments!
  2. What were your biggest disappointments in 2007?
    Left my current company in Feb when I had 3 deals in the pipeline. Definitly a big mistake there leaving just as I was getting started and letting other peoples attitude about the job influence me enough to leave it.
    My old company was a dissapointment overall because I went there for the wrong reason: a salary. I didn’t leave soon enough, the place was just not a good fit for me, nothing against the people there I just cant work like that.
    Stayed in a relationship that shouldn’t have gone past a few weeks because it just wasn’t a good fit. I had to work too hard at it from the start and that is not what a relationship should be about.
  3. How did you limit yourself last year, and how can you stop?
    Listening too much to other peoples opinions and not listening to myself. I knew that my current company was a great opportunity but let other peoples experience influence me to thinking that it wasn’t a great opportunity. I need to listen to myself and trust myself. I have done pretty well doing that so far why stop now?
    Focusing on other peoples problems more than my own, or letting their problems become mine and influence my outlook. While it is important to help my friends and care for them I have to always put myself first and make sure that I am okay. As long as I do that I will be able to help even more people.
  4. What did you learn from the last three questions?
    I have learned that 2007 was a year where I let myself feel sorry for myself. In 2006 I was let go from a six figure income and really let that hang over my head for too long. That debacle is over and there is nothing I can do about it but get up and move on. Unfortunately I let it carry over into 2007 and keep me from making a firm decision on my career and relationships. These last three questions gave me the insight to see what was working for me and what wasn’t.
  5. How can I (you) use this information to make 2008 the best year yet?
    For 2008 I need to stay positive. I have a great house, the best family, and cool friends. I am good at sales and enjoy it very much. I forget this fact a lot and let myself drift into wanting to do other things. This year I am doing 2 things right now to fix this. The first one is that I am going to start coaching at a youth soccer league in my city. This is going to be great for a few reasons: The first one is that I am going to be able to enjoy giving kids my enthusiasm for soccer and this will help me with my leadership skills. The second activity I am going to start is finding a business group to work on my networking and speaking skills.

Personality vs. Position

Good post on the Presidential Elections and how personality is what most people consider when voting. The title is a bit misleading though as I thought he was going to talk about who the best candidate for business is going to be. Instead he talks about how important your personality is for your business and ways to work on it.

There is also an exercise where you put in what you feel the various candidates personalities are. Here is what I came up with:
Democrats Dominant Personality Trait
Hillary Clinton __Regal / Entitled___
Barack Obama __Confident __
John Edwards __Light Hearted___

Republicans Dominant Personality Trait
John McCain ___Condicending__
Mitt Romney ____Fake___
Rudy Giuliani ____Mean_____
Mike Huckabee ____Aloof_____

If you cant tell I am an Obama fan.

The Best Presidential Candidate For Your Business | Business Coaching For Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs

Being a Host

Great post over on 43 Folders about entertaining.

When I have people over to my home I try not to get too stuck in the kitchen but its tough as I love to cook and I usually have people over because I want to cook for them. However since I am in the kitchen people love to gravitate towards the kitchen so I put them to work. This can be a perilous decision with some people so I have ‘test’s’ for them to check their culinary aptitude:

  1. I will ask them to grab something from the fridge like Squash or anything out of the ordinary. This tests their knowledge first of all, but I also understand that not everyone paid attention in Home Ec class and use it as a motivational test. If they ask me for help it means they really want to help. If they bring me something just to bring I thank them and get them a drink and move them to the living room.
  2. If they past the first part I move them to the next step of washing the item or opening it. This test confirms their mechanical skills. If water or whatever was packaged goes all over the place I get them a drink and send them to the living room, after they clean up.
  3. Now we have seen that they are motivated and competent with tools. This is the big step and only used if I am really behind or they have shown a lot of promise: I hand them a knife and have them cut vegetables. I watch them closely at the start to see how their technique goes. I may give them a few pointers if I think they are good, but it they worry me at all I get them a drink and send them to the living room.
  4. If they can handle a knife and I am comfortable then they have passed the Interview and can be considered my Prep Chef. I may let them work with heat and mixing ingredients together as this allows me to get out of the kitchen for a bit, but this usually requires a few sessions where I am able to watch them and feel more confident in them.

These are things I try to work on to be a good host. I think that the big thing is to keep the action happening. I make sure to introduce new arrivals to everyone and let the conversations begin.

When you are a guest try to act like a host or the host’s assistant. They will appreciate your help and you will be the life of the party.

Fighting through it

“grit your teeth and smile at the pain” was the mantra I imposed on today’s run. The cold has been making my knee complain quite a bit lately so I knew today would be a task. Overall I felt good but ice was necessary afterwards.

Level 1-2 730pm

Didnt get into work till late today as the furnace was finally fixed. Missed the Ashtanga at 610pm but saw that there was a Level 1-2 at 730pm so I went to that. I was worried that it might be too late and that I wouldnt be able to get to sleep till midnight or later, but I had taken Monday off due to hangover and broken toes so I had to go.

Did I mention that my toes are broken? Well maybe not broken but they really did hurt bad on Monday after soccer from Sunday. I figured out this morning that the reason the left one was pretty much healed but my right one was it total pain was because the blister under the right big toenail was not yet popped.  The one on the left had popped on Sunday after playing. So I had to lance it a few times today, even at work, which was gross but absolutely necessary.

I got to the studio a bit early which is always better than coming in after class starts, which a few people didnt mind doing. Maredith was the teacher and while I think she could talk a bit less I really enjoy her class as her enthusiasm is contageous.

I felt pretty good despite not being able to feel the top of my big toes and being very sore still from soccer on Sunday. We did a couple of interesting balance moves which I was able to pull off.

Met Kelly who had just been snowboarding to Solitude up in Park City. She is married and very cool so we talked on our way out to the parking lot.