Drive too much? Dont count on Public Transit

Gas is at an all time high and only going higher. We are spending millions a day on a war over oil with no real solution in sight. The auto industry is making no real strides towards alternative solutions. Well at least we have public transit, oh wait, maybe not:

U.S. PIRG strongly criticized President Bush’s proposed 2009 budget for reducing transit spending and raiding the Mass Transit Account at a time when national trends show the need for aggressive new investment in public transportation. The President’s FY09 budget proposed cutting $202 million from transit spending and transferring $3.2 billion from funds dedicated to transit.

With more than 10 billion trips taken annually, the growth rate of public transportation has outpaced the growth rate of the population and vehicle miles traveled on our nation’s roads over the past decade. According to a Zogby poll released last month, a majority of Americans (53%) say they would use mass transit if it were easily available where they live and work. Forty-seven percent (47%) of those who travel alone by car to work hold the same opinion.

You elected the guy.

Invest in Transit, not Cars, Says PIRG : TreeHugger

Thoughts on the Singularity and how Virtual Reality cannot replace Real Reality

Interesting piece on the Singularity by Rudy Rucker, famed sci-fi writer:

if you want to smoothly transform a blade of grass into some nanomachines simulating a blade of grass, then why bother pulverizing the blade of grass at all? After all, any object at all can be viewed as a quantum computation! The blade of grass already is an assemblage of nanomachines emulating a blade of grass. To the extent that you can realize an accurate VR world, the exercise becomes pointless.
Just as she is, Nature embodies superhuman intelligence. She’s not some piece of crap to tear apart and use up.

Rudy’s Blog » Blog Archive » Fundamental Limits to Virtual Reality(via BoingBoing)

Obama’s highly effective online campaign

Good interview talking about Obama’s web presence and how well its been done:

So part of their ability is to figure out from the blogosphere or via crowdsourcing, whatever you want to call it, what works and begin using it. A lot of the Obama campaign messages are not their own but they point to and highlight stuff created by others. It’s created by the crowds.

I will agree that out of all the political candidate websites Obama has done the best job, but I think they could polish it up a bit to make it more intuitive and faster. However I do appreciate the openness that it creates and hope that this continues well into his presidency. ;-)

Obama’s Web marketing triumph – Mar. 3, 2008

Oh how productive…

I updated the WordPress Version and got a new Theme. All in one hour!

Now I have to bug to create my own template and am working on that now. More to come…

Jobs I have had

Some guys list off their girlfriends, I like to list off my jobs:
1987 – 1991 Deli Clerk at Family Deli
1988 Range Boy at the Vail Golf Course
1994 – 1995 Barista at Jitter N Shakes
1995 – Grunt at Engineered Handling Systems
1996 Pizza maker at Slices
1996-1997 Chef at Pasta Market
1997 Sandwich Artist at Subway
1997 Foreman at Engineered Handling Systems
1998 Sous Chef at The Garden House
1998-1999 Office Manager at Boulder Conference Center
1999 Sous Chef at Vail Golf Course
1999 Cashier at West Vail Liquor
2000 Roof Snow Shoveler in Vail
2000 Pizza cook at Chicagos
2000 Production at Vail Daily
2000 – 2001 Webmaster at ChemInk
2001 Office Assistant at NonProfit
2001 Telemarket at Anti War Place
2001-2002 Sous Chef at Fire and Ice
2002 Sushi Chef at Wasabi Room
2002 Front Desk Clerk at Biltmore
2002 – 2003 Salesman at Westward Innovations
2003 Salesman at Private Investigator
2003 – 2006 Sales/Tech at Godaddy
2007 Sales at Limelight
2007 – 2008 Sales at Assurity Financial Services, LLC.

Pretty good list huh?

I like Steve Pavlina’s take:

If you can’t seem to hold a job, perhaps you’re cursed with genius. One of the biggest quitters of all was Leonardo da Vinci. I wonder if his parents ever told him to stop flitting about — painting, engineering, sculpture, botany, anatomy, architecture, music, poetry, etc. – and just stick with one thing. Otherwise, no one would hire him. Imagine Leonardo’s Mom saying to him, “For Christ sakes, Leo! Last week you told me you were going to be an engineer… and now I catch you painting! You march yourself back outside, young man, and go finish that Yard-a-pult monstrosity you started last week.”

I have enjoyed all the jobs I have had, at least at the beginning.