Podcast #16 – Reuben Gonzales of Eleventh Monk3y

300-DS-Podcast-16-ReubenWhen I talked with Zoe for Podcast #5 she mentioned Reuben and his store Eleventh Monk3y as someone I should do a podcast with. He allowed Zoe to use his space for her bake sale and he agreed to sit down with me to talk about growing up in Phoenix and the adventures that led him to opening Eleventh Monk3y in its current location on Grand Ave in downtown Phoenix.

Among the topics covered are:
Quitting Circut City and Subway
VW Restoration
TShirt Design
Running a Business
Each one Teach one
Grand Avenue Festival 2013
Saying no to Bling
Phoenix Design Week
Mark Dudlik

Link Love:
Eleventh Monk3y