Podcast #7 – the BitPanther interview

Podcast Chris Pena and Bit PantherSat down with Chris Pena’s new band Bit Panther and am pretty sure its the first interview they have ever done which is rad. I ran into these guys a few weeks ago when they were playing at Lost Leaf and they killed it so I had to get them on the Podcast.

We get all over the map with this interview from where the guys are from to their thoughts on the Phoenix music scene to the future of the music industry. I tried recording their session but have no idea how to do that so instead here is The System:

Bit Panther is:
Chris Pena – Vocals, Piano, Synth
Bransom Nijam – Synth Bass
Paul Defay – Piano
Jordan Thompkins – Drums
Bit Panther Website
Bit Panther on Facebook
Bit Panther on Twitter
Bit Panther on Soundcloud

Bit Panther upcoming shows:
Rogue Bar on the Aug. 30th
The Trunk Space On Sep. 7th.

Other bands BitPanther recommends:
Hasty Escape
Stella Cutta
Vial Of Sound
The Hill in Mind
The Stakes
The Sugar Thieves
Robots with Ray Guns

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