Drum and Bass post for Week of July 26th

Ok I am gonna try to start doing a weekly Drum and Bass post, again.

If you arent aware of the music genre Drum and Bass this should help introduce you. If you haven’t yet accepted Drum and Bass as the most significant musical structure of all time then this should help to convert you. Either way I hope to educate you somewhat to at least shake your booty a bit.

Studio Toys Nerdgasm: Rawtekk
This is the first I have heard of Rawtekk and from sampling a few of the songs on their latest album Sprouted and Formed I am a fan, big fan. Much more organic analog sound and really intricate drum patterns make for a great listen. Hard chargers like Photone Recruits and To Be a Space Monkey will satisfy traditional DnB headz while Skrotum Left Its Dwelling takes on a traditional 4×4 hard house technique and rocks it out. Shut up and give them your money!

Little late on this one but whatever:
Drumsound & Bassline Smith: Exclusive Stream, MiniMix PLUS Win Signed CDs!
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These guys have been rocking the scene since 1998 and have put out some very tasty tracks. Give the minimix a listen and then buy the album.

Late on this one as well but again whatever:
UKF Summer Drum and Bass Compilation
UKF puts out an annual compilation of the most popular DnB tracks and not it looks like they are taking on the trend of releasing a summer compilation. While the mixing technique is generally a little light on the mixes included the tracks are top notch. This is going into my rotation for sure.

Top Mix for Roger right this moment:
From the opening line: “I’m making this because in a few hours I could be dead and I’ve got a hell of a story to tell.” to the drop at the 25minute mark where Rudimental’s – Right Here (Andy C Remix) and Capone’s – Friday are mashed up in a bassificated orgy of noise DC Breaks rocks it on and on and on and on.