DS Podcast 1 – Summer Survival – Flagstaff, Mt Humphries, and Camping

Starting the Podcast thing up with an episode about surviving the Phoenix summer by heading up to Flagstaff, hiking Mt Humphreys, and camping at Freidlein Prairie Dispersed Camping.

Notes from this podcast:

  • Flagstaff is about 2 hours north of Phoenix via the I-17 and is generally at least 20 degrees cooler
  • Mt Humphreys is the tallest spot in Arizona at 12,600 ft
  • Average hike time up Mt Humphreys is 5 to 8 hours
  • Take a Camelbak backpack with water and food
  • Pack a raincoat as the weather changes quickly and severely at this altitude
  • Have fun by setting a 15 minute timer and take 1 to 2 minute breaks when it goes off. This will keep you rested and solve and group tension that might arise with faster and slower hikers.

4 Replies to “DS Podcast 1 – Summer Survival – Flagstaff, Mt Humphries, and Camping”

  1. Nice podcast Roger! I liked the positive hiking outlook – it definitely made a difference this year!

  2. Nice podcast. We have been wanting to do Humphreys as a fall hike to go along with the Grand Canyon spring hike we have been doing for a few years. Sounds like it’s well worth it. Good info!

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