Eating healthy is hard

Calories in 13" Flour Tortilla.

So I am trying to lose some weight and tracking what I eat with Calorie Count over at Its not perfect but its pretty good and easy to use. One thing that is nice is it has a lot of restaurant food items in its database. There is a Chipotle near my office so I eat there occasionally as I can see what is going into my food and then enter it into Calorie Count pretty easy.

Well I though that things were going well today with a healthy breakfast and upcoming dinner. After entering all of those Items I saw that I still had about 1000 calories to go for my 2000 calorie daily target. So instead of getting the Bowl I opted for the tortilla thinking I would come in well below the radar. OOOOPSIE!

Turns out the Tortilla at Chipotle is 330 calories with 860 mg of sodium. So my lunch went from 500 calories to 830 and my daily sodium is way over. Goddamit!