35 at 35 – Growing Older but not Up

This is a Mix of 35 Drum and Bass Tracks that I decided to put together for my 35th birthday:

After buying and downloading the songs from Beatport I used Platinum notes to repair the volume and clipping of each track, and then used Mixed in Key to determine the key of the song. I lazily warped them all in Ableton Live and then used an APC 40 to mix them together. I tried to match the songs up harmonically so that they flow together. I am just now beginning to relearn about the musical scale and am still pretty much in the dark about how it works. Then I got all crazy wicky wicky with it to create the hour and twenty five minutes of beats you hear here.

Technically I am infringing copyright here but its unclear exactly as over 70% of each song is being mixed over another song. I purchased all of these songs and created this mix cause its fun to do and I think it sounds pretty kick ass. If you like it too you can follow the links provided on each song and purchase the ones you like or all of them if you are that cool. To the creators of the songs I am sorry if you feel I am hurting your ability to make a living in any way. You will notice that this is not available for download and I am encouraging people to buy your art. My take on this is that you are getting free publicity on songs that not many people know about, but if its that big a deal you can either have Soundcloud shut me down or ask me to take this down.

The artists should also notice that here on my site I have removed the rel=”nofollow” tags that Soundclound has on the links on their site. This means that I am telling Google and other search engines that those pages are badass and should get link juice from me. One thing I notice that Beatport is pretty awful at is showing up in the search engines for individual songs that they are selling. I would love to help them with this and they are welcome to contact me anytime. I think that they will sell tons more music and make the artists even more cash.

Once again my point here is not to take credit for any of these amazing songs I just wanted to put them together in a way that will get more people to hear them.

Here is the tracklist of 35 at 35:

  1. 0:00 Chasm (Future Engineers ReSet) – Implex, Mav
  2. 1:05 Frozen Lake – Verbal
  3. 4:20 Ugly Duckling – Calibre
  4. 6:58 Grace Light – Mav
  5. 9:30 When They Wanna – Serum, David Boomah
  6. 11:40 Diabla (Metrik Remix) – Funk D’Void
  7. 13:07 All That Jazz – Fresh
  8. 14:34 Cigars N Money – Dom & Roland
  9. 16:44 Vigilante – Dramatic, DB Audio
  10. 19:16 God of Speed – Mav
  11. 22:42 Taboo – Lynx, Hellrazor
  12. 25:03 Glass Soldier – Medics
  13. 27:14 Foreign Bodies – Calibre
  14. 30:29 Delta Zero – Madmen & Poets
  15. 33:01 Climbing Up the Walls – Marcus Intalex, Lynx, Danny Fierce
  16. 36:48 Serenity – Madmen & Poets
  17. 39:20 Buddhist Meditation – Stereotype, Physical Illusion
  18. 41:08 Set it Off – K-Tee, Friction
  19. 42:30 Backlash – Optiv, BTK
  20. 44:18 Rainbow in your Hand – Command Strange
  21. 46:50 Aztec – Spor
  22. 48:39 Movin On (BJ Marky and Bungle Remix) -Artificial Intelligence
  23. 50:49 Im for Real – Dramatic, DB Audio
  24. 52:49 Meantime – Sub Focus
  25. 54:49 Play Tonight – Tantrum Desire
  26. 56:26 Pay Your Own Way – Tantrum Desire
  27. 58:58 Basic Memory – Phace
  28. 60:46 Skeptikos (Mav Remix) – Bop
  29. 63:40 Reunion – A Sides
  30. 67:39 Twisted – Rido
  31. 68:49 The Meaning – Mav, Krone, Xonora
  32. 72:21 Overdose – Wilkinson
  33. 74:31 In Coma – Morebeat
  34. 77:25 Mystic Sunset – DJ Marky, S.P.Y.
  35. 79:35 Stuck – Mage