Yackpacking: Knoll Lake Arizona

Just because I go backpacking as much as possible does not mean I enjoy the backpack part of the deal. Backpacks are heavy and yeah heavy. As an option you can put your pack in a kayak and suddenly things get much nicer. We did our first yackpacking trip to Knoll Lake up on the Mogollon Rim a couple weeks ago and I took my camera along. Here is a pretty simple edit of what went down. The song was in our heads all weekend long so thats how I chose it. Let me know what you think:

Everything was shot on a Canon 60D with an EFS 18-135mm lense. Timelapses were done with an Intervolometer and beverages ranged from San Tan Brewery to Vodka n stuff.

Kayaks were rented from Arizona Hiking Shack and were inflatables. I got a double to put more gear into. These kayaks were not the best for Lake running. No keel made going straight a task. Still they were fun and I will be doing this a lot more.
If you need to go inflatable Advanced Elements makes some nice boats:

I built the timelapses in QuickTime and then imported to Final Cut Pro X. Music is All That Jazz from DJ Fresh.