Canticle Drawl – AFX

Playin around with new camera. The clips timed out to this great Aphex Twin song by random chance.

Appreciate any and all feedback, just learning a new tool at the moment.

This was all done on a Canon 60d with the 18-135 EF-S kit lens purchased from Foto Folio on 7th Ave and Camelback. Shot at midday on August 22nd in like 130 degree heat. Its actually all shot at 720p 60fps as I was going to do some slow motion editing but forgot (maybe I will update but dont count on it).

I thought the water shots were pretty good although I kept playing with the focus too damn much. Getting a proper film rig setup will help reduce this but I am not ready to spend more cash just yet. They say using the telephoto zoom is cheating but in 120 degrees I am all about expediency.

More on the way.