Hanover Coffee – Brew Fresh Coffee – French Press Style

Been buying coffee from Hanover Coffee which is run by a good pal of mine, so I can brew fresh coffee everyday. He is working to make this thing for real so I am trying to help people understand why to buy Hanover Coffee. Its Fresh! You know how you like Fresh Milk and Veggies? Well Coffee is the same way. After a few weeks its lost a lot of flavor. Hanover roasts everything to order so you get the freshest possible coffee.

Once you decide that you like treating yourself to fresh coffee is worth your while you will want to learn about the French Press. For the uninitiated the French Press is a water container that has a press in the lid. When the coffee is done brewing you push down the press and pour out liquid gold, aka Coffee. I made a video showing how it goes down every morning.
Remember that Coffee is the first thing you drink in the morning, shouldn’t you make it the best?