Nerding: Google Apps Multiple Inboxes Feature Request

THis probably isnt going to be the most productive way to get this feature installed, but why should I help Google make a better product, easily anyway?

I recently went totally nerd overboard after reading this Lifehacker post on Creating a Unified Communications Center with Google Voice. It was one of those lazy days at work and I felt like a nice big not-quite-productive project was in order so I jumped in head first and created a Google Apps mailbox that has my personal and work emails, my various Social Network messages, my text/SMS messages, and my voice Mail as email with both audio and transcribed attachments. I know right, total heaping pile of the dork.

Anyway one of the key components to lighting this candle is a Google Mail Labs add-on called Multiple inboxes. It lets you make your Inbox in Google Mail look like something from Star-Trek (the new cool and sexy one, not the one with herpes). The only problem is that it is not fully malleable to what I want it to do (damn you genius programmer for not being able to read my mind of thoughts I haven’t had yet!). I am limited to only having 5 boxes and rearranging them requires copy and paste. It would be awesomer if I could have 999 boxes and rearranging them was capable via drag and drop. Please fix ASAP!

Now I have to get back to Infinity Blade and World of Goo. Go click on some expensive Adwords Ads mesothelioma.

Screen Shot of Multiple Inboxes in GMAIL
Multiple Inboxes in GMAIL