Are you a Radical Bastard?

Hide your children and if you are a parent stop judging!

Radical Bastard Challenge numero 2 is coming up in just a few weeks. Are you ready for this?

For the uninitiated, lazy, lame, or responsible who have more important things to keep up with the Radical Bastard Challenge is an event that I am pretty sure the authorities don’t need to know too much about:

The Radical Bastard Challenge is a bike/hike endurance challenge in the North Phoenix Mountain Park. If you are not up for all five (5) phases, that’s ok. Pick & choose your phases, or volunteer at the bike-check point. Although all levels of radicalbastard’s are welcome… the full challenge is pretty tough. Make sure you are ready for it. (From the Radical Bastard website)

Its not something for the light hearted or weak. If you have a decent mountain bike and can ride 20 miles in a day I suggest showing up on Nov 13th. Check out more at their Radical Bastard Facebook Page to RSVP. I signed up and think its gonna be pretty fun.

As a test I did the second half of the first leg of mountain biking after work today. From my house its a 7.5 mile warm up ride, then the trail begins and its a doozy. I walked a bit of the downhill cause it’s hard and it was dark. Memo to self, wear head lamp for mountain biking, handlebar lights dont necessarily show you where you want to go all the time. For the toughest section of the race on bikes anyway I put this at a 7 and recommend you practice it a bit and don’t feel bad about walking 40% of it(although I will give you shit).

I took a picture of North Phoenix from the back of Squaw:
Dusk in North Phoenix

Here is a map of my ride tonight starting and ending near my home. Total mileage 17.8 and it took 1 hour 40 minutes to complete.

Its good to get back on the dirt!