Is Arizona showing signs of Intelligent Life?

Earlier today a 4 year old first degree murder case against Lisa Randall was dismissed by Judge Michael Kemp. The case has been cited as a leftover of the Andrew Thomas era of harsh and illogical persecution of Maricopa County citizens. Arizona Criminal Attorney David Michael Cantor was able to get the Capital First Degree Murder charges dismissed after showing the judge where the evidence of the case just didn’t back up the prosecutions assertion that Ms. Randall was responsible for murder of an infant.

Mr. Cantor has published the letter asking for Lisa Randall’s Murder case to be dismissed which he sent to Rick Romely on June 30th 2010.

The Phoenix New Times is running an in depth story on this case:

Phantom Murder: At the 11th Hour, Prosecutors Dropped a Murder Charge Against a Beloved Daycare Operator — Leaving the Death of Baby Dillon a Medical Mystery – Page 1 – News – Phoenix – Phoenix New Times.

The Phoenix New Times Journalist, Paul Rubin, who has been working on this for over two years also penned a blog post this morning.

The Phoenix New Times story is ongoing with more details coming out next week. Clearly this is a good sign for Maricopa County where Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe have been running amok for years creating more lawsuits for the county.