5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Writing Enough

Writers Block Dungeon
by orkboi

We have all been there: trying to get the report done for school or work and hitting the wall of no ideas and nothing to say. Here are 5 Reasons why I am not writing enough:
5. Windows – Not the OS but the glass kind. I suggest spray paint.
4. Day Dreaming – That vacation you took 5 years ago isn’t writing anything.
3. Phones – Your buddy from softball has nothing to contribute.
2. Lunch – The waitress has no idea what you are talking about.
1. Facebook – Likes do not create functional paragraphs.

This was brought to you by someone experiencing total writers block hoping that by writing something stupid it will get him to write something that will pay the bills. This person did not get a useful degree in college, probably something like Humanities. He could use a beer.