Is iOS4 zapping older iPhones to sell more iPhone 4’s?

iOS4 kills iPhone 3G
iOS4 kills iPhone 3G

I woke up this morning with minimal goals and expectations for the day. Besides getting some work done I was also looking forward to updating the operating software of my iPhone 3G to the latest version known as iOS4. After updating iTunes to version 9.2 I checked to see if there was a new version of the iPhone software available, which there was, and I selected to update the phone’s software.

Then things got ugly and dead very quickly. As iTunes began the inevitable process of backing my phone up, something it had just done 5 minutes ago, my iPhone powered down. I pushed on the power up button, which fell off like a degenerates tooth a few months ago, well stub and got the Apple logo, but no more.

I turned the phone off by holding the power and home buttons at the same time for a few seconds and let it sit quietly for a while. I then pushed the power button on again and got the Apple logo but no further. I did this process at least 20 more times to make sure. Panic was well entrenched at this point.

So I made an appointment at the local Apple store and went in to see what the Geniuses down there could do. After looking at it for 2 seconds the Genius let me know that it was toast and would need to be replaced. Of course I am out of the warranty period so that means $200. Or I can get a new iPhone 4 for $199 on Thursday as long as I spend $18 with AT&T.

As I sit here now the phone is connected to my computer via USB cable with the Apple logo staring at my face. Every 10 minutes or so it seems to power down and reboot only to stay at the same spot as before. I am open to suggestions besides buying a new phone, because if thats what it takes then I am getting off iPhone and AT&T and going Android probably with Verizon.

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  1. try putting the phone into DFU mode. it will erase anything on the phone, and when plugged into itunes will promtp you that the phone is in that mode and needs to have the OS installed. it should then load the OS and load your most recent backup!

  2. So… this anything close to systemic or did you have the misfortune of having your phone die coincidentally close to the new release making it look suspicious? I have 2 3Gs that will need the update as well as my 3GS.

  3. you cunning son of a mother trucker! i had to google WTF DFU mode even is, but sure enough it seems to be working. thank you tons my friend.

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