Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0 – Youtube upload option, siick.

Pretty cool stuff if you have an Android phone. This is a really neat feature for an already badass product.

GPS on Youtube with Trimble on Android

Well I have some good news! in Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0, which will be launching soon on Android, we are going to support full integration with YouTube directly from the handset! There will be a new setting in Trimble Outdoors that allows you to enter a YouTube username and password, and when you do this, your videos will be directly uploaded to YouTube when your trip is uploaded. Of course your videos will still show up in your trip\'s Media Gallery, and on the map on where you recorded them on The big difference is that when you view them, you will get the lightning fast experience that you have become accustom to thanks to the magic of YouTube.

via The Trimble Outdoors Insider Blog: Coming Soon: Trimble Outdoors 4.1.0.