Project Vote Smart – Who in your district voted for SB 1070?

Its time for the rubber to meet the pavement on this whole SB 1070 Increasing Undocumented Immigration Enforcement Bill that was passed in my current state of Arizona. I went to Project vote and inserted my zip code and found my state representatives and then looked at their voting record on SB 1070.

Good job to Senator Cheuvront and  Representative Sinema you have my vote.

Bad job Senator Leff and Representative Driggs you will not be getting my vote.

WTF Representative Meyer and Lujan? I want a good reason for this one.

Oh Governor, I hope you enjoyed your stay but it is time to go, bye bye.

Here is my email to Cheuvront and Sinema:

I am new to your district and wanted to reach out to you and thank you for recently voting no on bill SB 1070. This bill represents the worst of fear mongering politics and needs to be exposed as such. Please keep up the fight.

Here is my email to Leff and Driggs:

I am new to your district and am sorry to say that my first message to you is one of disappointment. Your yes vote to a bill written by a known hate group is quite disconcerting. This bill is merely an election platform of fear and it makes me sad to be an Arizonian. There is no defense you can offer me except for an apology and immediate progress towards repealing this bill from our books.

I suggest you learn more about FAIR and the damage they did to Prince William County Virginia in 2007 –

I wish you the best of luck in the next election. You will be hearing from me.

Here is my email to Meyer and Lujan:

I am new to your district and have learned that you recently registered as a No Vote for SB1070. I am curious to know why you were indecisive on how to vote on this bill.

I will save judgement until after I read your response.

And finally my message for our unelected Governor:

I am disappointed with your recent passage of SB1070. This bill is clearly driven by hate as shown in its authors history and is a tool for driving your political platform on fear. I am ashamed to be an Arizonian because of this bill.

Your acceptable response will be to immediately begin repealing this harmful bill and apologize to the citizens of Arizona for once again making us the laughing stock of the Nation.