Google’s delima: To police content or not

Google is popular because in 2001 it gave you results that were relevant and useful for what you were searching for.  While the quality of the results has fallen the G is still far better at delivering relevant results than Yahoo or Bing. There are a few posibilities as to why the quality has dropped, here are some that I came up with:

  1. There is a lot more Web to index
  2. People found ways to manipulate the results
  3. Google stopped innovating

The first one cannot be denied. Whether its your cousins blog on the nothingness of nothing or your moms dog sitting business there is just a lot more content out on the Web for the G to index and deliver as a result. Should it be used as an excuse for poor results? I am a Humanities major so I have no clue.

The second one is undeniable and is surrounded by a lot of debate between White and Black Hat SEO techniques. The latest salvo in this argument is Paid Content – Paid Content: the New Paid Link | SEO This is a huge discussion and will go on forever. The bottom line is where does the G get to be a policeman and where should it not be one.

The third one is pure conjecture but should always be in the back of all discussions. Yes Google makes a lot of money with ad words because they get to put ads up next to their search results. If the organic results resemble the paid results too much then people wont need to click on Googles ads and they wont make as much money. Besides Buzz what has Google done recently that really blew your mind (perhaps buzz isnt such a great example, a better name might be buzz-kill).

Talk amongst yourselves.