City of Phoenix Budget Proposal for 2010 Part 1 of 5

Reading through the City of Phoenix Budget Proposal for 2010 and once again it hits home that we are in a reverse stage of the cities growth. The 82 page PDF titled – Schedule 1: Proposed General Fund Budget Reductions by Department covers a $139 Million dollar reduction. I suggest you read through this. It is amazing to see what we have government for.

I suggest you attend a hearing if you have anything to say about this proposed budget: Phoenix Budget Hearings

A few things stood out for me but it cascaded into a really long post. Turns out we are cutting a lot of shit out of the budget this year. So here is part 1 of 5:

Page 8 – Community and Economic Development
Eliminate a Building Code Examiner position on the Non-permitted Construction Team. This will reduce investigations of non- permitted construction, further adding to the current backlog of over 5,000 complaints. This may result in unsafe conditions and deterioration in the quality and livability of neighborhoods.


Page – Environmental Programs
1. Eliminate an Environmental Programs Specialist that supervises the Pollution Prevention Unit. Eliminating this position will adversely impact compliance with state and federal hazardous materials and waste management laws.

Lets grow three eyes!