Twitter Updates for 2010-01-08

  • Beer at gameworks before avatar at — at IMAX Arizona Mills Tempe #
  • Holy shit there's a lot of people at avatar IMAX! Goddamn! #
  • Az millls IMAX has sold out every showing of avatar so far. Including tonight! Damn #
  • Projector at IMAX is having issues. Bathroom break then pitcher of beer then back to movie. Good film. Story so so but effects r retarded! #
  • I am now custodian of the mens room at IMAX so the ladies can use it. #chivalryIsNotDead #
  • Someone threw up at avatar. Ewww #
  • Avatar review: Ze BORING! #
  • RT @CWaterhouse RT @PHXPhoto: RT @tweetmeme 1/8 – The triumphant return of #evfn at CK’s Grill in Ahwatukee #
  • Rumor has it that at #evfn tonight @evo_Terra will be commando. As he is saving clean drawers for #noPantsAZ. #
  • RT @AlexBerger Maccu Piccu is closed for all of February for cleaning. (redecorating? That stony look is so 1430) #
  • Star Wars Themed Hoodies – when you won't commit to getting Dork tattooed on ur forehead #
  • Lunch rush! I might suggest they staff up at lunch — at Pane Bianco #
  • Waitin at the bar for #evfn aka "the Twitter group" to show — at Ck's Tavern #

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