Twitter Updates for 2009-09-17

  • thx 2 @gangplank 4 letting me present on hacking yoga. Then gr8 lunch w/ moms @kammiek & @jlknapp at Thai Rama. Finished w/ hot yoga #
  • Moms gots me watching Americas got talent. thx 2 NBC 4 delaying per each time zone thr is no need 2 watch cause the twitter tells all #
  • Enjoying a nice Pinot noir. #
  • "Less Government" advocate gets upset because D.C. Public Transit isn't good enough. Irony ensues. (via @FarMcKon) #
  • "Yo Google I'm real happy for you and imma let you finish but my hair cut has some of the best crop circles of all time" (via @MelissaTV) #
  • 5 minute meditation: before you goto sleep sit on a pillow in bed set timer for 5 min and focus on inhale/exhale. Let thoughts melt away. #
  • "Happiness is a mode of travel, not a destination" source unkown (via @prentms) I'll take it for $300 chuck #
  • Per @leolaporte i'm reducing usage of term vegan & replacing it w/ 'non-face eater'. "um i'll have that soup sans face please." thoughts? #
  • RT @timgiron: I have put into practice a couple of yoga moves that I learned from @halfacat during his @gangplank brown bag session – sweet #
  • . @alandd, @skinnyjeans, and @timgiron thanks for coming to the brown bag on hacking yoga yesterday, i had a blast. in reply to timgiron #
  • Mmm mm good food (@ Cafe lalibela in Tempe) #
  • Time for marketing download (@ Sitewire in Tempe) #
  • Oh: "Katie charland has slept over at my house with her dog." per @jenniphoof #
  • At sitewire for social media monitoring with Katie and phx marketers #
  • Learning about blogging outreach. Sounds like a kickass jobby job #

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