I Pity the Pita, that crosses my plate – Lunch with @skinnyjeans

Mr.T Bobble HeadMade it to @gangplank for Katie Charlands Brown Bag on Social Media and Non-Profits, which absolutely rocked the house. I put up a number of posts about it and asked a few questions. Anyway got a message from Kammie to say hey to Stephanie and introduce her to Phoenix. It turns out Stephanie is a serious foodie and has a blog network:

Being new to Phoenix I suggested lunch at Pita Jungle since its healthy and was close. Her post on our lunch is titled: Relishing One Thousand Beans on Pita and gives an excellent bit of background on yours truly and how I came to being Vegan. Great food and good conversation is the only way to roll in my book.

Welcome to Phoenix Stephanie!

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  1. {am blushing:} thank you for the warm welcome to Phoenix! I’m still enjoying the beans & pita. That was some tasty big food lol!

    Looking forward to digging my teeth into one of those vegan muffins ;-D

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