#Vegan dish: We gonna Pate like its 1999! Mushroom Pate goes thermo nuclear!

This one has been on my hitlist for a few months now: Vegan Mushroom Pate. It’s one of those recipies that you read and go “damn that’s gonna be a pain in the a**.”. So you just put it off. Until you get hit over the head with the rediculous notion that it will be a cake walk.

The biggest pain of this recipie is really just the buying of all the mushrooms. White and Cremini are pretty widely available but Shitake and Porcini require a trip to whole paycheck which I dot best to limit exposure. Mainly cause it’s laid out like a candy store and I always end up buying 4 things I didn’t really need.

Anyway once the ingredients are procured it’s a pretty straight forward operation: soak the Porcinis for 20 min and sautee up some onion and garlic. Add all the mushrooms, wine, thyme, salt, and cayenne and let it reduce. Grind up some pecans in a processor add flour and parsley and then all the cooked stuff. Process till a little texture remains and then put in a bread pan and cook for 45 min at 350. Let cool and voilà!

I added a miraculous melon salad and citrus pasta salad to the mix and that’s lunch folks! Vegan doesn’t suck.