Good Morning Ocotillo! (VIDEO) – Sunrise Cycling in the Desert

Trying something new with my cycling videos, last year it was all handheld so yesterday I tried mounting the camera. The results are above, let me know what you think. This was all shot with my Canon Powershot 550. Maybe someday I will get an actual video camera. I think a fisheye lense would be good for this type of thing.

This route goes south on Alma School to Ocotillo Rd and back up Dobson. Its just over 16 miles and takes me about an hour with a nice easy 15 min warmup and then a 10 minute cool down. Top speed today was 26MPH and I didn’t even go into the largest chain ring up front.

Its a good morning ride cause there isn’t a ton of traffic that early, the winds are generally blowing east to west, and the sun is mostly to the right or left. After the ride I am pretty much set on energy for the next two days, then I go on another ride and keep the cycle going.

2 Replies to “Good Morning Ocotillo! (VIDEO) – Sunrise Cycling in the Desert”

  1. Love it! Makes me want to ride my bike so bad.

    Did you mount the camera on the top or the seat tube? The shot is actually really stable.

    There's a short film in the Bike Film Fest this year that does the same thing around London. Which reminds me, if you fancy a trip to LA, the BFF is showing August 26 – 30.

    1. Very happy to hear you enjoyed it. I will do more.

      The camera is mounted to seat tube and top tube just under the top tube. This makes it clear of my pedal stroke.

      Will you be in LA the Sat and Sun? Send me where you will be and I may drive out.

      Last day of yoga teacher training is next Friday!

      Roger Williams

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