Keeping perspective – Sunrise hikes

The sun is definitely rising a bit later these days. The park ranger decided to sleep in a bit too. Finally got into the park at 5:10 about 15 minutes later than last Friday. Started off in the dark which was cool.

Last week I finally spoke up to the lady with the dog off the leash who always tells us her dog is friendly. I asked her if she knew there was a leash law which she didn’t respond to.

I understand that this is a sensitive point for dog owners. My point in bringing this up us for a few reasons: 1) it’s the law and there is some type of penalty for breaking it, 2) not everyone loves your dog, 3) it disrupts the wildlife which your domesticated pet is not, 4) if enough people violate this law they will eventually ban all dogs from the park.

Well this week we came across her at the bottom of the hill and the had her dogs on leash. I walked by and when Caroline went by the lady said to her dogs that we “are not nice people.”

Naturally Caroline wasn’t too pleased with that remark and let the lady know. I turned around to see what was going on and the lady began shouting at us. We both chuckled and continued on.

It’s funny how we let people affect us so easily. From the ladies perspective we intruded on her morning routine and further insulted her by ramarking that her dog needed to be on a leash. With that perspective in mind I see how she is upset.

Unfortunately or fortunately South Mountain is not her park. It is everyones park and we should respect that.

For Friday I will take some video if it sparks up again. Too funny. Stay tuned.