Video of the Assault up Humphreys Peak

The break of dawn is only a figment of the imagination. At this point it’s so early it may as well still be yesterday. At least the roads are empty.

This early morning depature is necessary because we will be driving a few hours to the trailhead for Humphreys Peak just north of Flagstaff, AZ. At this rate we should be at the trailhead around 7am which means the trail should be empty.

My last trip up Humphreys was a number of years ago in May. When I pulled into the trailhead parking lot there was snow everywhere and some guy was getting his cross country skis ready to go. I had flip flops on.

This time is different, no snow and we have an EMD (Early Morning Doggie) which means we should move quickly and get back before dark. The climb was steady but not overly difficult. It took us 4 hours to summit and close to 3 to get back down. The dog pulled us all the way up and was ready for more when we got back down.

Here is the Flickr SlideShow: